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Clarity Session 
90 -120 minutes

Are you in a place of transition and/or uncertainty?


Sometimes we feel stuck or uncertain how to move forward and make the changes we want in life.  Have you ever felt there are some unseen obstacles or influences preventing you from taking the steps you want to take?  Or have you ever felt unsure what steps to take?

This is a powerful session where we guide you through the fog of beliefs, stories, and uncertainties and through artful inquiry lay out a clear path with clear actions you can take.   You tap into your inner wisdom and we help you draw forth greater clarity of what you want or what your vision really is without all the beliefs or stories.

You'll discover what unseen influences or blocks may be preventing you from taking action or succeeding and be provided ways of navigating them so you maintain clarity and confidence.

You'll gain clear action steps so you can step into your vision and know what to do.

Take advantage of this session.  It's potent, and you'll feel connected, confident and have greater clarity with how to move forward. 

These Sessions take place in the Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Hood River Area.  Let us know where you are and we'll share specific location.

To begin, introduce yourself.  

We follow a more traditional mindset of simply beginning a conversation.

Fill out the form.  Introduce yourself and share why this offering resonates and what you hope to get from it.  

We'll then either schedule a free 10-15 minute phone interview or schedule your session right then.  We practice having "relational" offerings rather than "transactional" offerings.  Fill out the form and we look forward to connecting with you. OM!

Thanks! Message sent.

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