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Become Part of The Conversation

You cannot enter a world for which you do not know the language

I’d be honored to guide you through the ways of dialoguing with the Sacred and becoming aware of perceiving the synchronicity’s and messages spirit is offering


The way of being in Dialogue with Spirit  is a humble way of being in the world… it is a path of resting in gratitude, humility, and honoring the truth of who and what you are.

Here’s what the journey looks like:


This is a journey of awakening into the sacred, walking a path of humility and grounding in the medicine (gifts) you have to bring into the world. It’s the process of “earning” relationship with the sacred others and hence be able to dialogue with those who guide you.


To enter into sacred dialogue with the spirits who guide us and who I call the “Sacred Others” which may include nature spirits, animals, and other entities, is a traditional path of sacred etiquette, good manners, and cultivating “relationship” over a period of time.

Earning Relationship & Making Relatives

The one thing living in the forest in a sacred manner has revealed to me is that it requires the process of earning relationship.   Even if you're not going to live in the forest, to be part of the conversations requires an etiquette of earning relationship. 


In our busy western lives, we’re accustomed to transactional relationships where “I do or pay for “Y” and then expect “X.” The Spirit way is savoring the process of “relational” relationships… the process of earning trust, depth, and authenticity over time. It’s a process of both you and spirit opening to “relate” and connect in a meaningful way.  This latter way offers a playful and fun way of getting to know the sacred others, just like making new friends in the physical world who you can feel are soul friends.


You'll experience a beautiful heart-opening process called “Making Relatives” where you shift from being a tourist to becoming included in the Spirit family and hence part of the conversations.

Immersed in gratitude and humility: The Non-Doer
First part is giving credit where credit is due.  It's a way of recognizing how Spirit and your guides are moving through you.  We humble our ego, relinquish our sense of importance and transcend our grievances and self-pity.  The sacred text around the world invite us into an understanding that it is not “we” who are the doers but merely the instruments of spirit doing “through” us.  Hence, it’s a pathway of expanding the heart.  It’s giving credit for the intuitions, inspirations, and ways spirit is showing up through you, your incites and actions.  By cultivating this awareness of being the non-doer and acknowledging the spirits who are orchestrating it, you experience an opening to dialogue with them.

Language of Spirit

Spirit isn’t limited by speech like we are.  When we can shift from the limitations of “human-speak” and expand into the greater paradigm of “Spirit-speak” we often experience a greater spaciousness of being in the world.  We become more carefree yet effective. We’re able to discern what to listen to and how to read the signs within and without so you may flow with spirit. 

Honoring Our Teachers and Sacred Others

As we journey through the cyclic stages of the seasons you’ll be invited to partake in seasonal ceremonies. You’ll learn the ritualistic practices of honoring those who guide you as well as the “sacred others” who are partaking in your cyclic seasonal journey through the both the year and your personal micro hoop you revolve through every month and a half or so.  You’ll learn Gratitude Ceremony and how to honor them on a regular basis so you may continue to deepen your relationship and conversations.

As Within, So Without: Navigating The Inner & Outer Landscape

In addition to the above, you’ll be supported on your journey as you navigate the cyclic landscape of the seasons. Each stage of the seasons offers unique strengths, challenges, and gifts.  You’ll be guided through these so you may harness the strengths and gifts and flow through the challenges.  In this way you’ll be able to experience more flow, connection and balance throughout the year.

Awakening Into The Dream of Wakefulness

You can see how most of us humans are walking around and living our daily lives oblivious to the greater web of life.  We’re asleep without even knowing it.  Few acknowledge, let alone are aware of, the conscious beings who make up the world we actually exist within such as the trees, birds, weather patterns and flows of land and place. 


You’ll experience “animism” which is awakening to the aliveness of the world in which we live. We shift from seeing a 2-dimensional painting to stepping into the canvas itself where everything around us comes alive, awake and ready to dialogue with us.  From this, we experience a sense of coming home into sacred belonging with the spirits who guide us, nature, and your personal path.

How It Works & What It Entails

This is a personalized mentorship where you guided into cultivating your own relationship with the Sacred and the Spirits who guide you.


  • Two Private Session per moth. 60-90 minutes. 

  • Online Course Forum which includes:

  • Articles

  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Video/Audio

  • Goals & Charting Progress

  • Clear path, guidelines, and action steps

  • The online course offers you a resource you may continually consult and revert back to.  It offers you the ability to go deeper if you wish. Their may be audio and video which will be supportive and designed for you to draw inspiration, focus, and revived purpose.  In this way you’re able to have a sense of continuity and control of the depth you’re wanting to go.

Cost & Details

  • This is a 9 month journey

  • Includes 18 private sessions

  • 4 Seasonal Ceremonies

  • Making Relatives Ritual

  • Nature Vigils: Special tasks/adventure of connecting with nature


Time Requirement and Extras:


This is designed to be an “applied-awareness” training.  So rather than being something added to your To-Do list, you weave the lessons into your daily activities and happenings. 


With that said, there is some focus time to review material, watch video or listen to audio.  Our goal is to keep this minimum.


Expect to focus approximate 2 hours or less of study every two weeks with the consideration you’ll likely review the stories and material because it’ll simply be awesome and super inspiring and hence you’ll just want to do so. 


IN ADDITION to the sessions and course material, you’ll be invited to schedule time of re-wilding spirit and/or nourishing soul. Re-wilding spirit could entail adventuring into nature for a few hours or having a fun night with friends. Nourishing soul are things that nurture your sense of spirit… nurture a sense of spaciousness and of being aware and awake of living the journey you are living. Hence you’re tasked to make time for life and have the experience of being alive!


The only other invitations for scheduling time is for seasonal ceremonies you can do alone or with friends and family (You’ll be provide instruction and guidance with how to do so).   Performing a daily micro ritual of honoring your teachers will expedite a deeper sense of connection and relationship so you experience having an intimate connection and dialogue with those who guide you.  This can be 10 minutes or an hour.  It’s up to you.


 Please Note: This isn’t about gaining more information.  It’s about stirring the remembrances of this wisdom within you and supporting you in applying this intuitive way of connecting with Spirit and the Spirits who guide you.  The focus here is in guiding you through the actions of cultivating your own relationship and hold sacred space for you to do so, to learn, grow and expand into these relationships. OM!

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