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Going Beyond Shamanism

Exiting Spiritual Kindergarten

Growing Our Roots Back

This is for those who are looking for depth and traditional knowledge.  It’s for those who are interested to learn some of the foundational practices, understandings and awarenesses of lineage based traditions that cultivate heightened awarenesses and abilities based on an intimate relationship with nature and the potent energies contained in nature.

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Going Beyond Shamanism:   

A “shaman” is narrowly defined as someone who goes into trance to speak or battle with spirits on behalf a person, family or village.”


Today the word “Shaman” has become an umbrella term that often erroneously covers animism and indigenous culture to new age practices of Reiki, Sound Healing, and facilitating plant medicine. Each has their own place and and value but aren't specifically related to Shamanism and are grossly limited... only singular threads of a much greater potential.

There are lineages that go far beyond the limited scope of these who honor those who've "cultivated" great abilities of healing, influencing the elements, harnessing energies in nature, and collaborating with the Otherness. In various traditions they've been known as Siddhas, Mage, Fakirs, as well as Taoist Masters.

We share from the Siddha Ayurmukti Lineage of the Himalayas focused on cultivating an intimate relationship with the Primordial Elements, Spirits, and Sacred Otherness.  

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The Elders who yet embody old world knowledge share “Seek what we sought, relationship with the subtle in Nature. It’s there where the gods come unseen to drink.”

The ancestors have a different way of listening.  They have a heightened sense of what to be aware of and an etiquette of engaging that weaves them into relationship with what the Brujeria call The River Beneath The River.

In this four part series you'll learn foundational practices, perspectives and awarenesses to cultivate heightened awareness and abilities of engaging with the subtle.


What we’re doing here is growing our roots back that have been cut off long ago.  It’s these roots that drink from the river beneath the river and from which we cultivate our abilities, presence and connection.

From the Himalayan AyurMukti Lineage, this is a six month traditional learning trail that happens outdoors amongst various wilderness locations in the PNW and focused on providing the foundational skills, awarenesses and understandings of traditional shamanism. 


It shares the indigenous etiquette and way of seeing, relating, and engaging from those who live in some of the harshes environments.  These ways of sensing and interacting are foundational for any kind of Shamanic work.

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A traditional learning trail is based on crafting the experiences that support you in cultivating your own relationship with the subtle potencies and sentience in the elementals, plants, totems, and otherness.​

You cultivate relationship through traditional skills such as primitive fire methods, foraging for plants and crafting sacred materials, birthing a medicine drum, tracking totems and apprenticing to their signs, behaviors, stories and teachings, and learning to read the languages of nature always informing us such as in  bird language, tree language, and the weather. 

These along with ritual and inner cultivation practices puts you in direct contact with the subtle but influencing powers giving structure, form, and function to all things within the physical and non-physical world... that reveals the potencies interacting and available within the weather, seasons, time of day and otherness.

Your ability to perceive, influence and harness these is the skill of the "Shaman."

Hence this is path that instead of learning information, offers a more indigenous or original way of “coming to know” through direct personal experience of the teachings and energies themselves.

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Please Read In Its Entirety Before Contacting. An invite only journey.

Origins and Lineage


The word "Shaman/Saman" is Tungusic that originally referred to a particular kind of Buddhist Tantrika.  Different sects grew from this. Some localized within villages and remained as basic healers and sky tenders while the Tantrikas focused on further cultivation and advanced into what are Great Siddhas. 

Our AyurMukti Lineage derives from the Himalayan Tantrikas & Siddhas that trails their origins to the pre-Buddhist Bonpo. 

Chivito spent many years living and training with his Babas in India. They were great Siddhas who lived in extreme conditions and harnessed the raw potencies in nature. He weaves together this lineage with the Indigenous etiquette, learnings and psychology gifted him from his mentors who were Hopi, Puyallup and Dine’ elders amongst others who he spent much time in ceremony with, walking the lands, learning HOW to be in relationship the plants, animals, and land.

A traditional shamanic path is one that brings you back into humble relationship with the subtle relationships unseen yet influencing life ever ongoing. 

It restore a mythic relationship, language and conversation with the Otherness deeply felt to those who tune their senses to how our ancestors once listened to the emanations of the fecund Earth dreaming through us.

The focus of this immersion is to provide a traditional form of learning the foundational awarenesses, mythic-cosmology, and ancestral ways of communion with the natural world, the ancestors and land spirits, totems and the primordial elemental forces.

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It's focused on crafting the experiences amongst our beautiful PNW wilderness where you come into direct contact with their unique potencies, sentience, and specific teachings they have to offer.

You'll gain a new relationship with the PNW, our unique power places, plants & totems, and specific elementals from which we draw our power for healing, learning, and being in greater belonging with.


Hence it's a journey focused on providing the ancestral and indigenous etiquette and psychology that enables you to cultivate relationship these. 

This isn't a journey of learning information, but through direct experience and indigenous etiquette, you learn how to learn and apprentice yourself directly to the natural world, elemental forces, ancestors and land spirits.


The Immersion

Training occurs outside amongst various wilderness areas.

Hopi Elder share indigenous knowledge and relationship with plants, the local ecology, and the land.   Stories and knowledge of plants cultivates relationship with place.

He'll also share the animistic relationship and powers animals hold... How the Hopi have harnessed and honored these powers for ceremony, influencing elemental powers, and stewarding their people in relationship with the animals, land, and weather.

A rare and special look into a world few outsiders see or hear about.

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Mingus Elder, Patrick, who owns/facilitates Cedar Mountain Drums, will guide us in birthing a Medicine Drum and share the hidden teachings of the Drum and the four fold way.  He teaches through story, humor, movement, and lots of coyotye trickery!  

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We’ll lean into the 36 Elements which are the fundamental principles of nature that give structure, expression and unique function to every living thing.

You’ll gain experience with how they interact and learn how to influence them to create change, heal, or harness them via rituals, healing methods, plants/herbs, and spiritual practices.


Your ability to perceive them and know how to influence them is the foundational skill of a Tantrika-Mystic that determines their effectiveness and ability.

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