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Ancestral Perspectives

Through The Eyes of The Shaman

A Virtual Campfire Series

We're very excited to present this offering.  We recorded a special series where we gathered around the virtual campfire and explored some of the core understandings, mindsets and perspectives of those esteemed master shaman who are some of the last living connections to lineages that's been handed down from master to student for thousands of years.


They share an inspired way of understanding and interacting with the world that grounds them in an intimate relationship with nature and Spirit... that grounds them in a deep sense of connection and understanding.


They share “Spirit is constantly speaking with us and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation.”   

"Wow! This ancestral perspectives series has inspired me so much.  Listening in was like feeding my soul the food it has been craving.  Thank you for offering this.  The storytelling, the conversations and lessons have definitely, as you say, stirred the remembrances within me.  Thank you!"  ~ Molly

"You are an incredible storyteller! I saw a FB ad and it resonated with me. I thought I'd take a chance to see what this was about and I wasn't sure what to expect.  But you've delivered beyond my expectations.  You have definitely woven together a rich tapestry of lessons and new incites.  I love your stories and how you share these conversations and experiences with your teachers.  I felt like I was there.  I feel so much more connected to the great mystery and feel I've taken away new incites with how to live this connection in my own life. I'm excited to take advantage of your other offerings too! Thank you!"  ~ Laura

You’ll take away a deeper sense of connection with the natural world and discover how Spirit may be providing unseen messages to guide you, lead you and show you the way.

From these you’ll learn how to adopt the “understandings” and perspectives that may ground you in a greater sense of connection, intimacy with Spirit and an aliveness within your life.


How to adopt a strength of spirit as these amazing people convey in how they live their lives.

What we share with you in this series comes directly from the mouths of the Masters, Elders, and People who live and breathe this wisdom just as their ancestors have.

Chivito lived and trained with these great Shaman and healers in India, undergoing their intensive training, rites of passages and initiations.  Click Here To Learn More.


In this series Chivito shares the conversations, experiences and encounters with these esteemed Elders of India and Native Elders of the Pacific NW and American SW.

These sharings weave together a rich tapestry of inspired wisdom, lessons and understandings that'll breathe new inspiration and connection with your journey in life.

Join us and be entertained, inspired, and empowered to bring these understandings into your own life.

What it Includes...

  1. Stories, Stories, Stories....  We'll share the conversations and experiences with these amazing people​ revealing how they express this wisdom in their own words. The traditional way of sharing cross culture is through storytelling and you'll experience the power and magic of this time honored medium.

  2. Step-By-Step exercises to bring these understandings into your everyday life

  3. Full Support Got questions, insights or simply curious?  Email us anytime.  We're an open book and happy to share.  We're here to stir the remembrances of the wisdom and gifts within you and empower you to live it.


What you're receiving here are the recordings of a very special live event we had.  We've reformatted them so to make them easily accessible to everyone.

  1. You receive four audio recordings of our live Virtual Campfire.  Download them and listen to them anytime on any device!

  2. Ebook:  Receive four downloadable ebook/transcription of each Virtual Campfire

  3. Practical Worksheets: We include a worksheet with each Virtual Campfire to help you explore how to bring these new understandings into your own life.

How To Enroll:

  1. Click the link below to enroll

  2. You'll gain instant access and receive an email so you can access it at anytime

  3. Download and/or revisit the material anytime

  4. Got questions? email us! We're an open book and you're fully supported!

Our Guarantee

We take a lot of care and intention with everything we offer.  If for whatever reason this wasn't for you, let us know and we'll provide you a full refund.  PLUS, we'll offer you any other course for equal value for Free.

We're here to serve and support us all in connecting deeper with how nature is patterned within us so we may live in a world aligned with the rhythms of spirit and cylces of nature.

Got Questions? Fill out the form below.  Write Ancestral Perspectives in the Subject line.

Thanks! Message sent.

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