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Kriya Tantrika Meditation

Level 1: The foundation for everyday meditation

Learn to easily enter deep meditation and rest in a grounded connected awareness as your baseline

Learn how to:

  • Engage the mind so it naturally enters meditation

  • How to "activate" the breath and have a felt experience of the central channel called Sushumna

  • Buddhist Tantric mindfulness techniques to "activate" Qi-Movement

  • How to identify four states of Mind and gain greater control of which states you enter

  • How to more easily stay grounded in being aware and hence not controlled by outside influences

  • Micro rituals for entering mediation and staying grounded

This is a results based training.  It's focused on practical and measurable techniques from the Himalayan Siddhas.

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Meditation by itself isn’t the goal, it is merely a doorway that lets the mind leave its baggage at the door’s threshold as you re-enter a rooted state of awareness.

Then Meditation becomes a powerful tool to harness awareness and access latent abilities within you.


  • Personalized attention, instruction and mentorship

  • Collaborative learning with group asking questions and sharing their experience

  • Online Platform with instructions, videos and resources you can return to

This is an invitation for those who want to learn how to enter deep meditation on their own and feel solid in having control of their mind and resting in a grounded awareness.

It’s for those wanting to experience a way of being the Navajo call Hozho which translates as “Walking In Beauty.” A way of living connected and aligned within.


Mediation by itself isn’t the goal no more than using a rake the goal when raking leaves.  Meditation and a rake are merely tools.


In this four week immersion, we adopt the techniques of the great Himalayan Siddhas as we deepen our meditation.  We adopt their mindsets both on and off the mat so we may take control of our minds and ground in our power so you’re no longer adversely affected by things outside you, and you may rest in a new baseline of connection, depth and beauty.

“I have tried to meditate so many times but could barely do so for more than 15 minutes.  I can now meditate for over 2 hours and it feels like only 10 minutes have passed”

~ Gretchen

Details & Flow

Includes Four Group Sessions

Sundays 10am to 11:45am


Nov 13th

Nov 20th

Skip Thanksgiving Sunday (27th)

Dec 4th

Dec 11th

Each session has three parts:

  1. Discussion and new technique/focus

  2. Practice and experience new technique/meditation

  3. Discussion, asking questions and sharing experiences

The Flow and Teaching Style

We share in a more traditional way of the Babas focused on direct experience, storytelling, humor, and mentorship. 

Each "virtual" circle (zoom) we begin with a short story that gives us entrance into the deeper layers of the new technique we'll be leaning into that day. We share the deeper reasonings and subtleties within the technique that make it effective and answer questions.

Next you'll be given 30 minutes to experience and feel into the new layer. Chivito will be present if you have questions during that time.

After you experience it, we then share our experiences, ask questions and further dial in your meditation.

Online & Phone Support

You'll have the option to receive text reminders that help you hone in particular awareness during the day.  This helps you adopt and experience the profound effects by shifting how we engage our senses and focus our mind.

You'll also have access to our online platform that will have additional videos, instructions and stories along with recordings of our Sunday Sessions.

The Personalized Experience

Throughout the four weeks, you have access to Chivito.  Ask questions, share your experience and personalize your training.  

Kriya Tantrika meditation doesn’t try to control the mind but rather engages the mind where it gives it control over to you.  It comes from the great Siddhas of Tibet and Himalayas.

Investment $150

100% money back guarantee

We have guided many through this practice over the years and the results have been amazing. If you're unable to apply the technique or you're not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 100% refund. 

This is a four week introduction that will give the ability to experience deep meditation on your own AND to reclaim the reins of your mind so you may establish a new baseline of awareness where you’re no longer easily affected by influences outside of you and can feel centered in your own power.


Meditation itself isn’t the goal… it’s the gifts meditation offers you which is Hozho… to walk in beauty.

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