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Karma Cleanse

While a relationship involves two people, it often can take just one to learn new ways of relating and communicating that can dramatically shift the karmic cycle and heal, restore, and breathe new connection and life into a relationship. We often find however that most expect the "other" to shift rather than learn how we can take the lead. Magic can happen when one learns the karmic patterns at play and learns how to shift them.


The elders and Great Babas share it is our relationships that provide us one of the greatest opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.  Many come together as a couple to unknowingly help each other move through their karma.  Imagine learning the karma at play in your relationship and how to shift it so to experience the quality of relationships you want to have.  It is known that being in a relationship is its own spiritual discipline. 

The question is, are you ready to learn the karmic patterns at play and learn new ways of relating, communicating, and being in relationship?  It's amazing the shifts that can happen when one or both are willing to take the lead in healing and being in better relation with one another.

Karma, in essence, translates as “action” and is commonly referred to the experiences we’re having are dependent on our previous and present actions.  Our present actions, patterns and triggers are formed from previous wounds, stories and programming and often create “self-defeating” loops that pull us into recurring challenges.  

Also, over time, couples unconsciously condition each other with how to respond and engage with one another.  This creates automated patterns of disconnect, struggle, and miscommunication preventing them from authentically communicating and relating with one another.  Fortunately, if you address these early enough you can heal and strengthen your relationship.  If not, however, it's like water that freezes in the cracks of a rock and breaks it apart.

For most people, these are invisible to them for they are always looking out their own eyes.


The problem is that the exact paths of awakening are blocked by received ideas, early life traumas and over-adaptation to the needs of others.


Are you ready to discover the karmic patterns at play and learn how to have the kind of connection, intimacy and quality of relationship 

you want to have?


This weekend retreat provides a window through which to see the dynamics of your relationship and ways of relating in new ways.    It provides an opportunity to discover pathways of healing, deepening connection, and improving communication.

The base of any relationship is the ability to “relate.”  Relationship is an act of relating.  The base of relating is dependent on our ability to communicate so we are heard as we want to be heard and we are able to hear what other’s are saying as they’re wanting to be heard.  


The core struggle in relationships is poor communication.  This class provides new ways to improve communication, your ability to relate and hence improve your relationships.

Learn Core Skills:

  • How to identify core karmic patterns at play in your relationship right now

  • How to break free from karmic patterns

  • How to adopt the mindsets, understandings and ways of relating that provide the quality of relationship, intimacy and connection you want to have

  • Non-Violent Communication (Learn the words and language patterns to AVOID and the one’s that’ll improve understanding and connection)

  • Learn The Way Of Council which is a powerful medium for everyone to communicate and be heard and to inspire authentic dialogue with others.

  • How to improve connection, intimacy, and quality of your relationship

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