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Wild Shaman Immersion

A Traditional Learning Trail

An Old World Approach via Wilderness Rites

This is a six month traditional learning trail focused on providing the direct experiences through more traditional indigenous ways of “coming to know.”

Please Read In Its Entirety Before Contacting. An invite only journey.

The AyurMukti Lineage derives from the Himalayan Tantrikas that trails its origins from the Bonpo.


Chivito spent many years living and training with his Babas in India. He weaves together this lineage with the Indigenous etiquette and psychology learned from his mentors who were Hopi, Puyallup and Dine’ elders amongst others. See bio for more details.

Feel into this Prayer-Song

Your father’s father
is inviting you in
Here on lake shores
at the base of the mountain
just before the sun
breaks open
into the day
The Birch-bark canoe
is ready with provisions
Still lake waters
reflect ancestral songlines
of sky people
He plays the flute prayers
to the goddess
dressing the dawn
Even now
you are remembering
the day holds gifts
for you
Even now
you are remembering
you have gifts to give
the day
~ Chivito Cowa

A traditional shamanic path is one that brings you back into humble relationship with the subtle relationships unseen yet influencing life ever ongoing.  It restore a mythic relationship, language and conversation with the otherness deeply felt to those who tune their senses to how our ancestors once listened to the emanations of the fecund Earth dreaming through us.

This is an un-domesticated path. It's for those willing to go out of your comfort zones and learn through direct experience. 

You cultivate relationship with fire through fire tending and primitive fire skills.

Camp within the felt presence and crisp air of old wilderness areas. 

You follow the totem trails, call them in and interact with them.

You learn wild crafts that cultivate intimate relationship with the plants and elementals. 

We speak poetry to the old gods during the Hour of the Wolf that they may join us and lead us to the unteachable learnings.


This immersion is for those who want to experience a more traditional learning trail where you learn directly from the land, plants, animals and forces of nature. 

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It includes wilderness rites that break the veils of our domesticated conditioned awareness and enables you to cultivate heightened awareness and relationship with the subtle and raw elementals. 


In other words, this isn't a passive experience of learning information. It's for those who want a hands on approach, gathering around the fire, testing your edges, and have a felt experience of growing into a more intimate relationship with Nature, the subtle principles, and the otherness. 

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