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Wolf Clan

Empowering young men 13 to 17 years of age with the tools
and support to thrive in today's changing world

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Through adventure, nature skills, sitting in circle with elders and a safe camaraderie of men, the Wolf Clan provides our youth the inner development, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and the tools to navigate the complexities of their teenage years. 

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The Wolf Clan offers the lost cultural tradition of supporting our young men through their most volatile time of life as they come into their own.   

It was once the responsibility of the village to help our youth come into contact with the dreaming lying in wait inside them and discover their hidden unique strengths to bring that dreaming into the world.


It was once known the  world only survives by the youth's dreaming.

It was up to the respected men of the village who've gone through their own initiations of life and model a code of humility, honor, discipline, courage, integrity and respect, to craft the adventures, skills and experiences for the sons to cultivate their sense of self and adopt the tools of navigating life.

Twice a month, the sons of our village gather together around the fire with men, peers and elders. They become their allies, friends and supporters.


Together, they adventure into forest… Hone in their primitive skills of fire making, building forts, tracking animals and attuning to the languages of the forest, and most of all… have the experiences that steward them into their own sense of self, personal nobility, integrity, and honor.

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Learn Nature Skills

The traditional ways of mentoring youth and imparting knowledge was not through direct teachings but rather through cultivating skills that require patience, perseverance, and humility that creates an opening within them to navigate their own shadows, hone in their strengths, and come into a new sense of what they’re capable of and who they are. 

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The old one’s share we come into our strengths and hidden gifts through our challenges and it was once the cultural way of crafting safe challenges through nature adventure and play to help our youth come into their own. 

"If our youth only receive academic education and don't receive emotional intelligence and the training to navigate their inner terrain, thoughts and impulses we are failing them on a grand scale"

Instead of teaching at them, we provide the experiences for them to come into their own knowing. Through storytelling, dialogue, games and adventure they cultivate a healthy psychology and the tools to navigate the storms and landscapes of life. 

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By sitting in council with peers and elders, they cultivate their ability to listen, to receive, to dialogue and communicate their challenges and emotions, and speak from their center instead of from emotional reactions.  They gain power to communicate themselves effectively as well as fully hear what others are saying.

"Youth don't grow by learning information... they come into themselves by testing who they are.  They cultivate their own sense of nobility, honor, and integrity by how they not only greet challenges but by how their peers hold space for them to do so and receive them in their process."

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