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Detox Consultation

Every year I encounter people who've had to take six months to a year to recover from a detox a friend recommended or they heard about at their yoga studio.

The old saying "One person's elixir is another person's poison" is also true for detoxing.

What's more, is many don't understand the three stages every detox should have nor the common mistakes that could lead to a year of recovery time.

This hour long session we do an Ayurveda Health assessment including a pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis to identify the kind of toxins and where they are in your body.


* You'll gain clarity with the hidden influences and challenges affecting your sense of balance & health at present

* Discover a clear path of stepping into your health goals

* Identify the kind of detox best suited for your body, health and personal goals

* Be able to ask questions and gain clarity of the bigger picture as well as the core influences affecting you.

Schedule now and be informed.


These Sessions are held at


5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215

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