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Empowerment Rites

There are many kinds of "Rites".  A “Rite” is a ritualistic process of releasing AND stepping into a new paradigm of self. A “Ritual” is an action/process that engages your whole being within your intention and hence is experienced on the soul level.  In other words, they open a doorway to step through and into a new paradigm of self and the world.


The Shamanic Empowerment Rites is hence a journey of releasing limiting patterns and embracing and owning your aligned self through rituals and adopting the mindsets and practices to support it.  It's a grounded commitment to "Self" that engages your whole being in the process.  It's a pathway of stepping through the looking glass into a more empowered and aligned self.


Experience five overnight wilderness gatherings and a three day Solstice Campout at the base of Mt Tahoma (Mt Rainier) where the deep presence of the forest, river and mountains draw you into a deeper remembrance of Self and your place amongst the great web of life.


We gather around a fire brought to life by primitive methods.  There’s drumming, the giving of offerings and entering into deeper states of connection.  Through sacred storytelling, the Way of Council, and the art of mentoring along with practical applications and profound ritualistic experiences, we journey into soul, release the agreements binding us and establish new agreements that’ll empower us to make the shifts we’re ready to make.

We use Nature as our catalyst for remembering and shifting into the gifts we carry.


What you’re doing here is learning how to honor and become more grounded in the “Medicine” you carry.  Your “medicine” is the unique gifts and expressions of soul you came into this world with.  The empowerment rites helps us get out of our own way, to connect with the Medicine we carry, and learn to live it in our everyday lives.


You’re guided in a gentle physical cleanse and adopting health routines & rituals.  Our body houses many of our stories, beliefs, and wounds.  Through a gentle cleanse, you experience journeying through soul, releasing what no longer serves you physically, emotionally and mentally.  You experience coming into greater alignment with soul and the medicine you carry and have to share with others.  

During this you also learn how to switch from identifying with a limited self to identifying with your aligned self.  It’s shown that our behaviors, patterns and mindsets all move to re-enforce our sense of identity.  Here you learn and experience how to identify with your “aligned Self” so your behavior, mindsets and patterns move to organically re-enforce it.





  • Five overnight campouts

  • Three Day Solstice Retreat

  • Fire & Water Rituals

  • Camaraderie of other committed souls

  • Art of Mentoring (shifting from limited self to Aligned Self)



  • A simple yet profound morning & evening ritual that grounds you in a deeper sense of self and the path you’re ready to live

  • A powerful ritual of drawing to you what you want in life

  • Cellular Regeneration and Release Breath

  • Aligned Self Meditation

  • 4 quick & simple health rituals that’ll provide a greater sense of health, connection, and balance

Details of when, where, etc

Join us Saturday evenings

5:00pm     Arrive, setup your tent, eat

6:00pm     Begin with checkin's and council

7:00pm     Fire ritual, drumming, and offerings

8:00pm     Storytelling & Spirited Dialogue around the fire

9:00pm     Free Time

Sunday mornings  

8:00am      Breakfast

9:00am      Breath, movement, and fire ceremony

10:00am    Core Sharing/teachings

11:00am    Self-guided nature time.  Use nature to ground you in the rememberings of soul and absorb teachings into your being

12:00pm   Lunch

12:30pm  Fun Nature & Scout activity

1:00pm    Powerful Closing Ritual that grounds you in your truth and commitment to Self and how you're wanting to show up in life

2:00pm    The Return to world


During the week:

You'll be giving simple yet powerful micro rituals to re-enforce and support your aligned sense of self and empower you to honor your path into alignment.


Stay Connected

You have access to Chivito throughout your journey.  Give him a call or email him any questions, concerns or powerful new incites you have.  You’re fully supported throughout.


$750 or

Four Payments of:


So you're getting two weekend campout retreats each month PLUS personalized mentoring and a three day retreat for only $188/month.

With the amount of attention, time, and offerings you’re receiving this would normally cost $1500.  We’re offering this for $750 as part of our honor CODE offerings to make these offerings easily available to all who are committed and ready.  Click Here to read Our Code


April 20 & 21

May 4 & 5

May 18 & 19

June 1 & 2

June 15 & 16

June 21, 22, & 23

This is an invite only offering

and is limited to 10 souls

How To Join Us:

If this calls to you… email us at and share why this resonates, why you’re ready and committed and what you hope to get from this.  


We’ll then schedule a free 30 minute phone interview to connect, share further details and answer any questions you have.  If it feels you’re the right fit, we’ll extend you an invitation.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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