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Thank you for Gifting

How to Contribute

Gifting is super simple. While there are many offerings and ways people participate in our Village Culture of Tree of Totems, you can simply use the below links to do a one time gift for a class, mentoring, or healing OR setup monthly Gifting and be a member of the Village.

We recommend being a member of Village Co-Op where you'll have access to all Village Activities, Mentoring, Elders, and Programs.  Setup up a monthly contribution that feels good for you.

For a one time Contribution

Click Donate

Join Village Co-Op

with monthly contribution

Gift Towards Specific Offering

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Womb Stories

Support the gathering of women, sharing, healing, and growing as you tapped into the mysteries of the moon loddge

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Men's Bear Clan

Supporting our Men in gathering, healing, growing, and grounding

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Youth Wolf Clan

Young men mentorship, gatherings, and training

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Gift for mentoring you or a youth have received

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Village Days

Contribute to one of our Village Days. Day of Women, Grief Tending, Sacred Men, Youth Day.

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Purple Skies

Thank you 

We appreciate you contributing and supporting Restoring and Sustaining Village Culture

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