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Growing Beyond Shamanism

Exiting Spiritual Kindergarten & Re-Acquainting with Old World Pathways

There are greater depths and potential available when you go beyond the limited identities and modern perspectives of "shamanism."

This is a free event where we circle together around the virtual fireside and explore the old world traditions that go beyond our modern concept of “shamanism” and have been forgotten due to religious oppression

The mis-use and romanticization of the word Shamanism, that’s now used as an umbrella term, indicates the limitations of our understanding and vocabulary as many attempt to fit their modalities or experiences within the limited box of “shamanism.”

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But there are more potent old world traditions and lineages that give us access to far more than what traditional shamanism could ever offer.

The challenge is our modern conditioned psychology is bereft of the original remembrances and understandings that wove our ancestors into the Great Mystery.

The Elders, who yet embody old world knowledge, share “Seek what we sought, relationship with the subtle in Nature. It’s there where the gods come unseen to drink and if you know how to listen will fill your cup.”

Hence we want to tap into an old world psychology and see through their eyes, re-attune our ears to listen as our ancestors listened, and restore our own spiritual roots that may tap into the river beneath the river.

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In this free virtual fireside sharing (zoom), we’ll lean into:


  • Old World perspectives and the greater potential they have to offer us

  • Discern key modern colonized mindsets that are blocking people today from accessing the depths, abilities and connections available to us

  • A greater picture beyond our concept of shamanism that will free you from the restraints and limitations of modern shamanism.

  • An ancestral approach to activating the hidden gifts within you

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