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Nature & Meditation Day Retreat

A Day of nature connection, meditation & ritual

This is part of The Sacred Path Project providing community opportunities to participate in soulful routines and nature connection.  It’s a chance to restore, replenish and deepen your connection and Spirit practice.


All levels are welcome and will greatly benefit

Journey with us into an enchanting moss adorned forest where the presence of the trees, mountain and river holds sway and lovingly grounds us within our center.

This journey weaves together meditation, mindful movement amongst the forest, sense meditation and a profound practice that deepens your connection with the forest and animals.  It provides both guided practices and solo time to be with the ferns, tree and river on your own.


We gather around the fire, learn the art of fire ritual, and begin our meditation journey together.


You’re guided through the steps of meditation shared by the Himalayan Shaman who Chivito lived and trained with for many years. You learn how to lovingly guide your mind into deep states of meditation so you may have a consistent meditation experience even on your own.

We journey into the forest and practice fox walking which is a way of both mindful movement and deepening your connection with the plants around you.  We share a sense meditation that reveals how to engage your senses and release the mind of chatter.


Everything lovingly guides your senses, energy, and overall awareness into a deep state of presence and profound connection.





Portland: April 28th

Mt Rainier: May 19th

10am to 3pm (5 hours)


Portland: Gifford Pinchot outside of Carson or on Mt Hood near Salmon Creek


Seattle/Tacoma: Carbon River area of Mt Rainier



How To Join Us


To join us, fill out the form and in SUBJECT line put "Nature & Meditation" as we have multiple offering scheduled at present.  Please share WHY you'd like to join us.  We'll then schedule a FREE 10-15 Minute phone interview to connect with you, give further details, answer questions and ensure your physical able and a good fit. 

This is an invitation only journey.  Much Gratitude


Thanks! Message sent.

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