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Where The Gods Come Unseen To Drink

An Old World Shamanic Tradition

It’s said what’s probing us… what’s inviting us in, is just on the periphery of our awareness where the gods come unseen to drink.


We’re being invited in… to listen in the way our ancestors once listened that gave them entrance to the unteachable learnings.

We adopt ancestors’ ears that don’t listen, but drink in what’s offered in the spaces in between and become of it.

Listen into this Haida inspired evocation:


Your father’s father

is inviting you in

Here on lake shores

at the base of the mountain

just before the sun

breaks open

into the day

The Birch-bark canoe

is ready with provisions

Still lake waters

reflecting ancestral songlines

of the sky people

He plays the flute prayers

to the goddess

dressing the dawn

Even now

you are remembering

the day holds gifts

for you

Even now

you are remembering

you have gifts to give

the day



That evocations has many invitations into your bone memory that’s stirring to be remembered in you.

As today’s people feel our way forward to restoring relationship  and ways of living with the Earth on the Earth’s terms, we look to our ancestral traditions who model, both past and present, a respect and reverence for nature and the elemental powers that sustain us.

Our people once new we are the younger relatives to the plants, animals, mountains and ocean.  There was a respect and receptivity to learn, to contribute, and to be “of” the web of life.


There is an ancient conversation happening between the ocean and the shore… between the mist and the dawn in open meadows… between the shifting seasons and your inner most being.

Consider gathering around the fire with others where enter the space where the gods come unseen to drink and gift us the remembrances ready to surface within us.



This isn’t a passive “class” of learning information.  We engage in the cultural ways that calls that which is ready to be remembered enter our circle and speak with us.


We light the fire with offerings, we drum and call in the ancestors and elementals, we evoke movement and play while we’re amongst the forest and the creek water songs.

Through the traditional ways of provocative storytelling, ritual and dialogue we have a sense of remembering and entering the deeper levels that are ready to become available to us.

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