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Primitive Sacred Lodge


An opportunity to experience primitive living

Join us in construction of the Sacred Lodge using primitive methods.  This is a FREE community event.  Come help out, learn together, experience sacred community

Part of our Village Project, this is an opportunity to take part in a special experience  while learning how to make primitive shelter using the natural materials of the land.  We'll be constructing the Sacred Lodge of our primitive camp where community will be gathering in. 

We’ll explore types of construction, how to insulate and waterproof, and how to create a smokeless fire within the shelter.

We’ll harvest natural material in a sacred way and reveal the shamanic mindsets and principles of being in relationship with the land, plants, animals and material we’re using.

The focus of this weekend is to construct a livable structure for Chivito as he films his three month documentary of living a primitive shamanic lifestyle amongst the wilderness area.

Experience community, learn primitive shelter building, camp out in the wilderness, and enjoy inspired storytelling around the sacred fire.

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We begin Friday evening with a opening ritual and fire gathering. Enjoy gathering with other like-spirited souls, inspired storytelling, and being part of community.

Saturday we’ll begin with meditation and cold plunge (optional). Then community breakfast.

We’ll then review basics of primitive shelter and the current design we’ll be following.


We’ll spend the day implementing the principles and learning trial by error. No primitive shelter is alike and each one has new lessons to offer. We’ll learn these together.


We’ll have moments of rest and play during the day as well.

Saturday Evening, we’ll cook together around the fire brought to life by primitive methods. You’ll have plenty of free time and we’ll also gather around the fire to be in soulful dialogue, share our favorite stories of the day and be immersed in inspired storytelling and good conversations.

Sunday, will be a repeat of Saturday with a closing circle at 1pm so everyone can drive home and rest for their upcoming week.

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Dates: July 19th at 6 PM – July 21st at 2 PM

Time & Location:
We'll meet Friday Evening at 6pm at The Logs Inn at BZ Corner just outside of White Salmon WA. From here we’ll travel to our base camp about 30 mins away into the wilderness at the base of Mt Adams. 


Friday & Saturday Night



How To Join:

These classes are offered by an invite only.  Please use the form to share why this class resonates and what you hope to get from it.  Introduce yourself.  We'll then schedule a FREE 15 - 30 minute interview so we may connection, share further details, and answer any questions you many have.   If it feels like a good fit, you'll receive an invite to join. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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