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Re-Wild Project

We've been tamed for too long. I'm ready to feel wild and nourish the wild nature within me for it is authentic and real and nourishes the spirit inside me!

The heart of Tree of Totems is nature connection and supporting others in deepening their connection, comfort and skills to be outside amongst nature.  It's honoring we are part of nature and the patterns of nature are also patterned within us. When we spend too much time away from the woods, rivers, and mountains we become disconnected from soul.  The following are classes and nature gatherings to nourish your own wild nature.  See Upcoming Events to discover next opportunities.

Intro Scout Class


This is our premier class.  Heighten your senses, learn to read the animal signs, and how to be part of the conversations of the forest happening all around you.  Scout Culture is a special and exciting community for those wanting to deepen their connection and relationship to the wild and awaken the wild within them.  It weaves together all our other nature classes

Bird Language


Learn the 5 primary language patterns of birds.  They reveal what's happening in the forest all around you.  Bird language invites you to be part of the conversation and you experience a sense of being included in the conversation.  

Primitive Fire 


Primitive fire making, also known as friction fire, is a core wilderness skill.  Learn not only how to bring fire to life but you develop a relationship with the plants and improve your survival skills



The art of tracking is a way of learning to decipher the story being revealed in front of you.  It's way of deepening your connection with the animals and landscape.  Learn the totem meaning and relationship the animal has with land, predators and prey.


Compass & Map

Learn to go cross country with just a map and compass.  The art of navigation is essential to any wilderness goer. 

Rites of Passage


We provide wilderness Rites of Passage for youth and adults. These are opportunity to journey through the inner depths of soul, discover the symbology and myths at play in your life and go through a powerful experience that grounds you in your strengths and personal vision. 

View Our Upcoming Events 

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