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Restoring The Village Series

How to de-colonize ourselves & restore security 

through authentic connection

This is a four part series on how we may learn from pre-colonized and intact cultures to breathe a greater sense of security, meaningful connection, and togetherness in the new paradigm we find ourselves

We’re hearing all around us a need for a new story, a new way living that instead of depleting us,

breathes life into us. 

In this series we gather around the Virtual Council Fire to explore the core pillars that makes an intact culture and how we may adopt these within our family, neighborhood, and/or community.

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Based from the exhaustive work of Jon Young & 8 Shields who dedicated his life to asking the question "what makes an intact culture?"  Jon travelled extensively worldwide learning from indigenous and nature connected cultures and particularly the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa who is documented as the oldest culture in the world.  Jon Young & 8 Shields now helps communities world wide make the shift into regenerative cultural models.

We all know we were part of system that breeds disconnection, insecurity, exhaustion, and disease.


What if we learned from nature and intact cultures how to re-design our way of being in togetherness?


And what if it can be really simple?

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Through dialogue, storytelling, and living examples we'll explore how to design for:


Explore how to have greater security of being provided for, supported, and needs met in a fragile and uncertain world

Authentic Connection

Design for connection that nourishes you, that you can rely on and provides a sense of belonging

Simple Designs

Simple cultural practices that breathe deep connection, meaning, and stability


Know the stages of colonization and how by reversing these stages we can design our community, family or neighborhood to care for your needs and support one another regardless of uncertain times

We'll offer up core questions and practices and discuss how we may apply them to today. 

How can we design meaningful connection with family, friends, neighbors and/or your circle of community?

How can we de-colonize our own lifestyle so we may experience more authentic sense of connection and belonging to place and people?

What are the primary pillars of an intact community? How can we bring them into our circle?

The importance of Elders in our communities and how to give them voice.

How can we celebrate and draw out the gifts of others and have them do the same?


How can we shift from an adversarial and individualistic approach to life to a regenerative model that empowers you to thrive with greater meaning and connection?


How We Gather

We gather around the Virtual Council Fire.... Zoom. 



TBA soon


We humbly ask for a $60 donation...

However, we're making this available to all. We all need to explore how to adjust to these times in meaningful ways and finds pathways to security.

EMAIL US at if interested

or have any questions. 

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