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Scout Club

A day long monthly class

The word Scout comes from Old French “escoute” which means “Action of Listening.”

Deepen your connection and relationship with Nature, the plants, animals, and stories of the land.


Become fluent in the language of nature and one who knows what to listen for, what to observe, and how to read the signs so to be part of the conversations and stories of the forest occurring all around you. 

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Learn to read and listen into the signs, messages and stories within the environment through tracking, bird language, Plant I.D. and uses etc...

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Ancestral Perspectives

Experience the ancestral perspectives with being in relationship with the land, animals, and spirit of place


Sensory Skills

Through core routines, games, and sensory drills you'll learn how to attune your senses to any environment you're in.

This training is for those who want to shift from being a visitor or tourist to being in relationship with place.

About Scout Club

Scout Club is a fun and interactive one day outing we do each month to gather together, meet new friends, hone in our skills, and learn new ones.  We journey into the forest, desert or coastal area where we apprentice ourselves to their unique eco-system, plants, animals, and ancestral significance of an area.  We allow the land and spirit of the day to steward us. Who's tracks may we come across? Where will they lead us? What stories will they tell? Who might they introduce us to?

These one day outings weave together the core areas of learning to help you hone in your skills of a scout, deepen your connection with nature, and come into relationship with the ancestral perspectives of the land.


Learn the stories of the land, people, and ancestors and how to be in relationship with them today.

Core Areas of Learning

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Enter the mind of a tracker and how to read the tracks, ask the right questions, and discern the stories the tracks reveal.  Learn how to trail an animal and read the signs all around you.

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Plants & Trees

Gain awareness of the plants and trees of the various eco-systems and how to apprentice yourself to them.  Learn basics of identifying plants, their relationship with place and ancestral uses of them.

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Bird Language

Knowing the different calls and songs of the birds gives you inclusion with what is occurring all around you. You become part of the conversations of any ecosystem. Is there a predator in the area? Is the forest in council? What's happening?

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Learn how to make fire by primitives methods of bow-drill using the natural material of the forest at hand. Learn the ancestral wisdom of being a fire tender.

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Ancestral Perspectives

Experience how to be in relationship with the land, animals and eco-systems. It's learning how to apprentice ourselves to the land, to not steward the land but allow the land steward us.

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Cultural Restoration

Experience the culture of gathering and honoring together.  Experience Way of Council, Elders, and peer to peer mentoring. Gather around the fire, storytelling, and cultural ways of greeting the day.

Coyote Mentoring

Learning How To Learn

Experience the old ways of learning known as Coyote Mentoring.  

Coyote is the trickster, the storyteller, the master of games and guiding us to our own discovery through direct experience and inspiring curiosity.

This program is not about learning information, facts, or memorization. 

Here you're learning how to apprentice yourself to nature and enter the mind of the tracker, the naturalist, the scout. 

You're learning how to ask the right questions, how to listen, and cultivate your own relationship with nature.

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Upcoming Dates:
Will Resume these soon


Primarily at primitive camp at base of Mt Hood.  Other classes will be in Bend OR, Long Beach WA, and Oregon Dunes.




11am to 4pm

Arrive early to learn, practice and be mentored with primitive fire methods

between 9:30 and 10:30am

We gather around the fire starting at 11am. Come 15 mins early to arrive into space.


How To Join

If you're curious, have questions or are eager to join please fill out the form and share:

  1. Why this resonates

  2. What you hope to learn and/or experience

  3. Any background in nature training you have

  4. Ask questions.

We'll then schedule a 30 minute interview to answer your questions, give further details and if all resonates will offer you an invitation to join.

This is an invite only journey.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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