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Shamanic Re-Wild Camp

Experience living in a primitive camp and re-wilding your soul through wilderness play

It's time to return to the forest and awaken a sense of play and wildness of soul

Join us at our primitive camp at the base of Mt Adams (Klickitat).  Experience the deep sense of connection that comes from cooking on a fire made by primitive methods, of harvesting water in a sacred manner from the creeks and rivers, of the thrill of following the animal trails and exploring pristine wilderness few humans ever see or experience.

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Mt Adamas, originally known as Klickitat or Pahto, has many myths and legends.  It's one of the primary volcanoes said to host the different tribes of Fire Tenders.  There are terrifying fire spirits who tend to the fire within the earth so life may sustain.

For thousands of years, seekers would come to the Fire Tenders to remember how to tend to the fire within their own soul and discover the "medicine" or gifts Spirit gave them to share with their people.  It is for this reason we host these journey at the base of the great fire tenders of Klickitat.

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We call upon the Great Fire Tenders who dwell within the mountain

This is a fun, playful, and soul nourishing retreat that weaves together adventure, shamanic rituals, and soulful community.


For three nights and three days, you’ll experience living in a primitive camp. 


Each morning we wake, allow mountain waters enliven our sense of being alive, and experience a fun re-wilding  practice that connects us with our breath, our bodies, and the enhanced sensations of being amongst the forest.


The afternoons we adventure through the forest, play Scout games of following the animals paths and enhancing our senses, and experience fun rites of passages that inspire a rekindling of our wild nature.


The Evenings we gather around a fire brought to life by primitive methods and through inspired storytelling and soulful dialogue we experience the Way of Council and weave out the deeper meaning and symbology being expressed in our lives.  Through the art of mentoring we discover new ways of bringing the lessons nature offers us into our everyday lives so we can bring the spirit of the wild one and nature with us.


Adventure and Eat Well


We provide food of the local land such as elk & venison, and foraged plants such as nettle and fern heads when in season. (Vegetarian Options Available) We balance this with locally grown foods to provide a balance diet.  In short, while this is a primitive retreat, you will also eat well.

We provide breakfast and dinner.  You provide lunch and snacks.

Campfire Meal

Shamanic Rites & The Wild Child Within


Within each of is a wild child... a spirit that un-refined, authentic, playful, and awake.   You’ll experience the FUN Shamanic Rites, rituals, and experiences that’ll enliven the soul and re-inspire the medicine you have to carry it into the world. 

In this Retreat You’ll:

  • Experience a primitive camp including fire by rubbing sticks together, harvesting water from rivers, primitive shelters and using other natural elements

  • Adventure into pristine wilderness.... there's no trails out here. We follow the animals paths and discover the beauty of the wild country

  • Partake in shamanic rituals that nourish soul and awaken your spirit of wonder and connection

  • Inspired storytelling and soulful dialogue around the fire

  • How to bring these mindsets and strengths into your everyday modern life

  • Free time to connect, breathe, and be in nature

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Aug 2nd, 3rd, & 4th


Time & Location:
Meet in White Salmon, WA at 10am.  From here we’ll travel to our base camp about 1 hour away into the wilderness at the base of Mt Adams. 

Food, Shelter,  Rites of Passage, Camp space, Scout Games and Guided excursions along with free time.



How To Join:

These classes are offered by an invite only.  Please use the form to share why this class resonates and what you hope to get from it.  Introduce yourself.  We'll then schedule a FREE 15 - 30 minute interview so we may connection, share further details, and answer any questions you many have.   If it feels like a good fit, you'll receive an invite to join. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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