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Shamanic Rites of Passage

An Old World Path of Initiation & Activating Hidden Medicine

The old world path of coming into our Medicine and Deeper abilities was through Wilderness Rites of Passage where through specifically crafted experiences you shed your assumed and conditioned layers of limitation and come into direct contact with the gifts, abilities and Medicine hidden inside you. 

For two weekends a month for three months, you'll experience a profound kind of re-birth, a sense of becoming embodied in the deeper medicine you hold within you.  

For just a littel while, we ask are you willing to trade domesticated comfort for being sheltered by the stars and the sounds of the forest?  Are you willing to enter the animal paths and walk out of this world altogether where we enter the mythic and the very real otherness experienced in wilderness? 

Shamanism comes from an intimate relationship with the raw elements, wild animals and their relationship to place, and learning to harness the primordial energies available in the Dawn, the wind, specific power places, etc. 

But to gain access to the Old World Magic, we must earn entrance and we do so by going back into the wild to listen as our ancestors once listened and cultivate relationship by showing up at the gods abode instead of calling them to us in the comfort of our domesticated cages.

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