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Soul Restoration

Day Retreat

A Shamanic Nature & Meditation Day Retreat

This is a day long retreat of nourishing soul and releasing life’s stresses.  It’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and Spirit.


Bathe your senses and mind in the beauty and healing energies of an enchanting old growth forest adorned with moss covered trees and ancient ferns at the base of Mt Rainier. 


We gather around the fire and through storytelling, meditation and nature connection we allow the soul to reconnect, to ground and feel the soul-nourishment it longs for that can only be experienced through deep nature immersion.

We provide fun and soul nourishing activities to help release the mind and stresses from the body.  You're guided off trail into an enchanting grove beside a gorgeous stream seen by few people. Discover a new comfort amongst the forest as you learn how to deepen your connection and be in "relationship" with the plants, trees, and rivers.


Experience a sense of coming home within yourself and awakening your inner child playfulness.

Experience reconnecting with spirit through a restorative fire ritual.  Learn simple meditation & mindfulness techniques to lovingly lead your mind and heart into a sweet place of meditation and connection.  Enjoy solo time to wander amongst 1000 year old trees and ancient ferns feeling the deep reservoir of healing in their grounded presence.

This is a day dedicated to nourishing yourself on a soul level and returning home feeling replenished, connected, and re-awakened.

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