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Earth Speech

Restoring our Mythic-Indigenous Remembrances

This is more of a traditional path… A weave of the old ways sung in the old languages that re-attunes you to the sacred originality of it all.

Offered in the oral tradition we tap into the storytelling, rituals and soulful dialogue that stirs these ancestral remembrances of what it is to be indigenous of Earth and part of the Earth's Dreaming.

You'll journey out to what are considered power places in nature where you may have a felt experience of the mythic.

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Perhaps you too have sensed how something has been forgotten. 


The Elders of various indigenous traditions have been saying “Somewhere along the line we have fallen out of our story… we’ve fallen out of the Earth’s story and have become like orphans… spell casted in an illusion we are separate, limited, and alone.” 


We’ve lost the mythic-nature that weaves us into the deeper meanings of our life within the context of the Dreaming Earth.

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A Mayan Elder shares “The Indigenous know we owe it to the Earth to become that part of the song that’s missing.  The Earth wants to put the song back together.  If we can become the lost parts of the song we put the Earth back together, we restore the health of the people.” 

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This is a seven month immersion shared in the old ways that guides you into direct experience of these ancestral remembrances that are yet held and alive in your bone memory.


This isn’t offered as a course of study to accumulate information and techniques but rather a traditional path of restoring the relationship our ancestors and indigenous relatives have with being an extension of nature, of being part of the Earth’s Dreaming, and experiencing the mythic quality of life that weaves us into the deeper meanings of our experiences. 

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