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Vision Quest

One of the most profound experiences

of your life

2022 Summer Vision Quests Opportunities

Journey into the deserts of Eastern Oregon amongst 1600 year old Junipers also known as the Desert Cedar or Tree of Life.

Expansive views of the Cascade Mountains as you sit with the old Sage Brush and be absorbed into the ancient landscape where the silence becomes a song and the profound stillness a great dance.


Join in the footsteps of one of the oldest traditions found across the world

Throughout the world, this practice of going out into wilderness alone, to fast, drum and pray, and be part of the Land's dreaming has been an essential rites of passage people experienced at various stages of their earth walk. (life)

It's likely one of the oldest traditions in the world.  Here you join in the footsteps of all those who've come before you.  They may even speak to you through the whisperings of wind through the old juniper, the hooting of owl at night or the curious rabbit who plays hide and seek amongst the sage brush.  Through Vision Quest we tend to connect with the other worlds woven within this one.

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Is Vision Quest Right For You?

Vision Quest is something we are called to. There's an ancient trembling that begins to stir just beneath the surface of your being... an ancient call that says "it is time.

In other words, it's not something you do to check off on your bucket list. You are either called to it or you're not.

Vision Quest takes physical, mental and spiritual preparation. While guides and other initiates will be nearby, you'll be alone for three days and nights with little or no food.  Schedule an interview to assess if you're ready and/or how to prepare.

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When To Do a Vision Quest

Vision Quest is something we are called to when we're ready to make a shift in our life and to mark a significant transition. It may be a time of healing, or to gain new vision or clarity.  Other times we are called to Vision Quest to reconnect with Nature, the spirits, and the greater movement of how you're being dreamt into the world by the Great Mystery.

Through Vision Quest, you gain a new clarity, a new or renewed sense of direction, of who you are and how you fit into this greater web of life. Other times you get a confirmation of the path you're on. 

Each person's experience is unique to them.

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Vision Quest requires preparing physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a journey you take both as an individual and as a village.

You will be part of four Virtual Council Fires (zoom) over a period of a month.  Through the traditional ways of storytelling, mentoring and soulful dialogue, you'll be guided in preparing your body and mind for the experience. 

Preparations include

  • Spend time alone in nature

  • Practice heightened sensory skills

  • How to coax in the vision and experience

  • Preparing digestion for fasting

  • How to manage emotions, impulses, anxieties and fears

  • Traditional ways of doing ritual, "crying for a vision" prayer and meditations

  • Listening to traditional stories of Vision Quest experiences

  • How to enter the Mythic mind where you become tuned into the symbols, imagery, and mythic presences during your experience

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You will also have one-on-one mentoring available during your month of preparation by a skilled guide.

During Vision Quest

The community of elders, peers, ,family and initiates gather together and they drum as you exist the everyday world and enter the mythic world of wilderness.


During Vision Quest you will be guided to a secluded spot amongst the 1600 year old Juniper trees.  There you'll create a circle.  We have a shade canopy prepared for you as the days can be hot and sunny.

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You stay within that circle for 3 days and 3 nights. During this time you meditate, drum, pray, and be still. You become attuned to the natural world and the many worlds woven within this one.   

As you fast, and feel into the deep silence of the ancient land... feel into the stillness and yet the aliveness of the land and the great expanse of stars  at night, you'll go through specific stages mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Watch the Vision Quest Intro Video for details.


Village Support

You'll have trained guides and volunteers skilled in Wilderness First Aide and mentoring who are at the base camp.  We'll have a way for you to check-in daily by a flag system to ensure you have enough water and support any needs that may arise.  You'll be fully supported.


As you're doing your Vision Quest, there will be a group of us along with elders and other souls who'll be drumming, doing ritual and in prayer to support your experience.  

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Being Received Back Into The Circle

On the fourth morning, a guide will lead you back to the main camp.  You'll be given tasty, nourishing food that is easily digestible.  We connect as a group and prepare to return to the village circle.

We'll then drive to another camp where the elders, peers, family and previous initiates will drum you back into the circle. We'll gather around the fire and share our stories, the lessons or new visions we're taking with us.  The elders will help draw out deeper reflections and how you may carry your new "Medicine" (vision) into the ordinary world.


The Return To The Ordinary World

You'll spend one more night out amongst the juniper with your fellow initiates.  We'll gather around the fire and deepen into your experiences.  We focus on how do you now return to the ordinary world.  This is often the most challenging part.  

We'll provide the stories, practices and ways of integrating back while stepping into and living your new sense of self and vision.

The following morning, we part and return with the medicine we each now carry.

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Details, Dates, and How To Apply


Bend, Oregon

July Vision Quest 

Pre Council Fires 6pm PST (zoom)


Vision Quest 6 days



August Vision Quest 

Pre Council Fires 6pm PST (zoom)


Vision Quest 6 days



September Vision Quest

Pre Council Fires 6pm PST (zoom)


Vision Quest 6 days



We offer 3 levels of Vision Quest

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Traditional Vision Quest

As described above, you journey out for three days and three nights fasting from food (you'll have water).  Other initiates will be nearby as will a base came with trained guides.


Light Food Vision Quest

Fasting may not be optimal or possible for all people.  We'll assess your bodily needs and adjust your vision quest accordingly.

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Personal Check-in

Many have never spent time alone or been alone amongst raw wilderness. We can personalize your vision quest to have a guide check on you each day and provide any "inner tracking" support wanted. 

Investment & Application



Payment Plans Available

Why $1000?

There's a lot of things and people that go into making this possible. Paying travel expenses for elders, fire wood, trained mentors and so on.  Vision Quest is a Village effort where a of time, effort and energy is invested into your journey.


How To Join Us:

If this calls to you… email us at or fill out the form and share why this resonates, why you’re ready and committed and what you hope to get from this.  


We’ll then schedule a free 30 minute phone interview to connect, share further details and answer any questions you have.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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