Wild Rememberings

“Something inside me has reached to the place where the world is breathing.”

It is in deeply troubled times, when we are invited to come close-in, to reconnect with ancestral wisdom and ask the questions our spirit is longing to ask.

But few are paying attention and even fewer are asking the right questions.

In this series, we come close-in, gather around the Virtual fireside and enter the dreamings of the core motifs within Ancestral Ways and "traditional" Shamanic principles. 


We explore the profound value they offer us as they reveal how to navigate our inner and outer landscape with greater clarity, inner strength and awareness.

Cultivating Resilience

One reaction to the fear in our society is to shut down; another is to turn the fear on its head, cultivating resilience  We explore the ancestral perspectives and ways of being resilient in spirit and heart amongst difficult times

Unteachable Learnings

Shamanism and Ancestral learnings can't be taught but rather awaken within you via having a felt experience. Through storytelling and application you'll come into direct contact so the learnings become uniquely your own. 

Shamanic Mind & Dreamings

Every shamanic culture expresses the "dreaming" nature of our existence. Enter the shamanic mind and Learn how to have the stronger dream vs collapsing into the collective hypnosis.

Ancestral Perspectives

We explore the mindsets, understandings and perspectives of those who've come before us that lent them such a deep felt sense of connection, personal power, and heart with being in the world.

It is said within everyone of us is the original understandings. This is hence a journey of remembering.

Join us twice a month,  gathering around the "virtual" fireside where through traditional means of storytelling, ritual, dialogue and practical applications we draw out the "learnings" ready to surface.


It's said the original teachings know when to resurface into the world and when they're ready, they stalk us like the wolf stalks deer, waiting for us to gather and remember.

Each virtual fire gathering, we'll weave the following motifs into the conversation and reveal the practical ways of navigating today's landscape

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    Cultivate Resilence

    What are the original understanding of building resilience, to hold your own energy, to be less affected by outside influences and events? How can you stay strong even when faced with adversity?  How can you maintain a sense of grace, humility and beauty when faced with the struggles of life? 

  • Ancestral ways of

    the Heart-Mind

     From the Taoist of China to Native Americans, of Shinto of Japan to Aborigines of Australia, of the Himalayan Shaman to the Kalahari bushmen, they model common mindsets of walking a path with humility, respect, and gratitude.


    But how do we do this in these times?  We’ll explore the practices and mindsets to walk our path with grace, power and humility.

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    The Dreaming

    Across traditions the text speak of us being within a dream. We're being dreamt into the world and we're also doing the dreaming. From this we learn how to become awake within the dream, how to read the signs, flows and cycles, and how to have greater control and hence influence the dreaming.

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    Shamanic Mind

    From totemism and animism to perceiving the mythical symbology in your everyday experiences.  

    The shamanic lens reveals a world of connection and sacred relationship and empowers you to move amongst the many worlds woven within this world.

  • Life as Ritual

    The elders share how without ritual we lose ourselves into the automated hypnosis of the collective. Discover the rituals to weave into your life and the inside understandings to activate ritual. 

    We'll explore Initiation and Rites of Passage. 

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    You as Nature

    Indigenous and ancestral wisdom has long shared that when we forget we are part of nature, we will struggle, the lands and animals will suffer, and there will come a time of great sorrow.

    When we learn how we're part of nature, we can take our place within the great cyclic web of life.  We'll explore these core principles through Ayurveda, Indigenous stories, and modern science.


Join us the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month from 6:00 to 7:30pm



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Providing hands on training in Shamanism helping you develop the awareness to access the potential within and join the conversation that's happening within every moment, with everything. OM!





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