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Youth Mentoring

Helping our youth find their way and navigate their inner landscape as they try to find how they fit in this world

We mentor youth from ages 12 and up.  Our mentoring works great in conjunction with clinical therapy and as a primary support for your youth.


Our youth are in a state of crisis and lack the support and tools to navigate the overwhelm of the teenage years.  They need more than clinical therapy; they need to reconnect with nature & a sense of wonder.  They need the tools to manage their mental-emotional states, to navigate their inner and outer world, and how to harness their strengths. 

They need to have the experiences for them to discover these strengths and have consistent "wins" in being their authentic self.  They need elders and mentors who can support them and provide the guidance they crave.

When a child comes into their teens there is a lot of confusion.  It is a time when the divide between parent and child often occur.  The parent reach and the child pulls further away and often into the destructive behaviors and mental-emotional states the parents fear.

This is a time when a child needs an outside mentor to hold space for them, provide them tools with managing their emotions and thoughts, and be there to guide them in a way parents can't.  They need an ally.

Likewise, this is a time when the parents may want an outside support for themselves, to understand what their child is going through, how to hold space for their child and ride that fine line of allowing their child to grow into their own person while protecting them from walking a destructive path

Our mentorship works with both the child and the parent to help bridge this gap, to increase communication and understanding between the two, and strengthen your relationship when too often it's a time this relationship weakens.

Running in Forest
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These mentoring sessions gives our youth a voice, a chance to speak their heart and mind in a safe space.  It's a space for them to seek council and guidance and learn core skills with how to navigate life.  We don't tell them the answers, we guide them to discover their own. 

A long time ago, when we lived in an intact culture, our youth had mentors, elders and guides.   Our youth would learn through the invisible school meaning they wouldn't be talked at or told what to do or what they should learn.   We would allow present moment life reveal what lessons to bring forth and through storytelling, deep inquiry, and experience, allow them to discover their own truth and absorb lessons they identify with so they own it.  

This isn't knowledge you learn,

It's wisdom you become

Each mentoring provides four core areas. 

1.  They learn the art of inquiry; how to problem solve and find their own answers. 

2.  They learn how to manage their mental-emotional state so instead of collapsing into them, they're able to make grounded choices and maintain their inner balance.

3.  They learn life skills from the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda so they may discover self-acceptance and how to manage their physical, spiritual and mental health; to know their baseline for thriving and how to maintain it.

4. Nature connection.  Unlike "screen-time" nauture does not steal time; it amplifies it.  We meet outside and they learn how to connect and develop a relationship with nature so they always have a place to go for sanctuary, support and connection.

Learn Art of Inquiry & Discovering Your

Own Answers

Discover how to ask the right questions

Learn how to break free from limiting beliefs and what other people may project onto you

How to own one's truth

Discover your potential and access your gifts to live your potential

How to navigate your unique path in life with confidence

How to spot and bypass common obstacles

Learn Principles of Ayurveda, Meditation & Mindfulness

Gain the upper hand on life!  Learn what every adult wish they learned when they were young!

Discover your unique body-mind type called a Dosha which empowers you to understand your strengths and limitations and how to maximize your strengths!

Discover the common pitfalls for your Dosha and how to keep the upper hand!

Discover the specific "why's" of other people's characteristics, motivators, and mental-emotional makeups

Learn how to nourish your vision of yourself and the life you wish to live and how to honor it.

Learn How To Manage Emotions, Mind, & Impulses

The #1 way we give our power away and experience struggle is when we allow our mind, emotions and impulses hijack us.

It's shown those who know how to manage them have greater control of their life and get more of what they want in life.

Emotional Intelligence

Youth will also learn how to communicate their emotions and mental space.  They learn where these are felt in their body, why they feel the way they do, what they can do for themselves and how to communicate what they need to others.

We meet outside amongst the elements of nature and allow

Her to be our classroom

We use storytelling, nature connection, and deep inquiry to draw the lessons into life so they become a real tangible experience that becomes apart of them.  

Every youth has a unique journey and we allow the youth's journey guide us in our mentoring.  What this means is we don't create rigid structured lessons.  We provide a consistent structure that provides both core skills and allows us to mold each mentoring session to their present life experience, needs and wants. 

In this way we break free from the modern way of projecting ideas onto our youth and instead provide a genuine experience that empowers our youth. 

How To Get Started

1.  Use the form below to email us and share why you'd like mentoring for yourself or your youth.  What are the primary challenges and what you'd like to gain from a guide.  Ask any questions you may have.

2. Next we'll have a 30 minute phone session.  This is free and allows us to connect, identify your specific needs and wants and how we may be of service

3. We begin with a Dosha Consultation.  This is the Ayurveda Body-type and reveals how nature is uniquely patterned within the youth.  This provides what their baseline for thriving is, what common imbalances they'll likely experience and how to navigate them and their unique temperament/expression of life.

4.  We'll meet for our first mentoring session in Forest Park.  Location shifts depending on weather.  These are held in public areas while also offering an immersion in nature.

5.  After each session, we offer a 30 minute phone call with the parent to keep you informed, share how you can support your youth and be supported yourself.

Fill out the form.  Please share why you'd like mentoring for yourself or your youth.  What are the primary challenges and what you'd like to gain from a guide.  Ask any questions you may have.

We honor a tradition of first beginning with an introduction then discovering if we're able to be of service.

Thanks! Message sent.

Mentorships are:

$82 for 60 mins

$150 for 90 mins

Who's Your Mentor?  It's Chivito!

For the past 14 years, Chivito has been mentoring youth and adults from all walks of life.

Chivito has worked in multiple Wilderness Therapy programs mentoring At-Risk youth.  He guided them through powerful rites of passage in the deep backcountry of Utah and the Colorado Rockies. He mentored youth in coming into direct contact with themselves, healing deep wounds, and taught the tools for them to manage their mental-emotional states on their own. He led one-on-one and group therapy sessions with them.

His experience working with At-Risk youth revealed the urgency  to reach our youth before they get to the point they need Wilderness Therapy.  So he returned to the PNW focused on providing our youth the support and tools they need to navigate their teenage years and transition into adulthood.

Chivito is a certified Ayurveda & NLP Practitioner has years of training in Yoga Psychology and has been successfully guiding youth and adults for 14 years.  He brings a lightness, joy, and passion into his mentoring and weaves together storytelling, practical wisdom, and guided experiential journeys to help others step into their strengths.

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