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Wolf Clan

This is a fun adventure into wild lands, a coming of age adventure for young men 13 to 17 years of age as you learn from wolves how to thrive in a wild world.

Twice a month we gather around fire, adventure into forest, learn primitive nature skills such as rubbing sticks to make fire, building forts, tracking wild things and as we follow animal trails the languages and secrets of the forest become available to you.

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You are gaining entrance into the circle of nature crazed men who’ll become your allies, friends and supporters… you gain entrance to the hidden mysteries held in the Men’s Lodge. As we adventure and fire tend, you gain privy to the secrets, stories, and skills of the Wolf Clan.  

What you’re doing here is participating in an ancient tradition… a coming of age path that empowers you to grow into who you uniquely are while we adventure, build forts, play nature games that give you unique abilities of navigating the wilds of nature as well as the terrain of school, parents and social pressures.

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