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Your Tailored Guidebook

Receive a tailored guide book for living in alignment with your body type

What if you had a guide book tailored just for you that revealed the food to eat or to avoid, of which health rituals will empower you, and provided simple guidelines so you can consistently make informed decisions about your health ?

Healthy at any age

Ayurveda doesn't provide a strict diet to follow. It gives you an understanding of your unique body-type and a psychology of relating with food, activities, and lifestyle so you intuitively know how to maintain balance AND harness your strengths.

Have you ever wondered why you crave the foods or activities you do? Have you ever wondered how to harness your gifts and strengths without getting derailed by your personal shortcomings? 


What if you intuitively knew what foods to eat, what health rituals, routines, and practices will support you specifically, and how to stay in a state of flow?​

Cooking Class

Imagine if you had a guidebook tailored specifically for you.   

Consider the impact it would have if you were able to consistently make informed decisions about your health, diet, and how to easily balance yourself.

Take advantage of this opportunity to  get a guidebook tailored specifically for you..   

This is a 90 minute sessions and can be in person or by phone.  You'll discover your body-mind type called your Dosha in Ayurveda Medicine.  You'll learn how the patterns of nature are uniquely expressing through you, of what's taking you out of balance and how to restore and live in your potential state.

You'll receive a tailored guide book for you specifically  that includes what foods to eat and which to avoid, health routines for you specifically, and will provide you core principles so you may consistently make informed decisions and know what to do.

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This session includes:

  • A 90 minute session (phone or in person)

  • A 30 minute followup session  

  • A thorough writeup of our sessions with step-by-step instructions

  • A tailored guidebook for you specifically

  • One month of email & text support to answer any questions or help dial in and apply all your new fun learnings

You will learn:

  • What your unique dosha (body-mind Type) is

  • Foods to avoid and to focus on

  • Health rituals and routines to harness your potential

  • What's influencing you and how to take control

  • Basics of how to address any imbalances you're currently experiencing

  • Learn what causes your primary imbalances, blocks, and hangups

  • How to navigate around these, balance them, and over come them with ease

  • The unique way nature is dreaming you into the world and how to be in relationship with nature and yourself



The How and Flow

  1. Click Here to schedule

  2. We'll email you a questionnaire to complete before our session

  3. We'll provide you guidelines and action steps

  4. You'll receive a full writeup of the session and translate it into simple useable guidebook for you

  5. We'll then schedule a followup session to dial in your learnings and help support you intuitively weaving them into your life specifically


We take great care in every session we offer.  If you're unsatisfied for any reason we'll provide you a 100% money guarantee.

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