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Sacred Path Project

We share a path of Nature Based Spirituality and Shamanism passed down to Chivito from the Himalayan Babas.  

The Sacred Path project is designed to provide others a path that they can make their own while learning from a time honored tradition of the great Shaman of India. It is a nature based spirituality that reveals how the patterns and cycles of nature are also patterned within us.  It reveals the inside techniques to experience deep restorative meditation.  It reveals a way living in greater intimacy with spirit through nature connection.  

Intro To Forest Shamanism

Learning The Path

Intro To Deep Meditation


Offered as personal mentorship and as a series.  Learn the art of ritual, of the significance of the Medicine Wheel, Ancestral Perspectives, and pathway of connecting with the sacred others, Totems, and land.  Learn the significance of sacred symbology, reading the signs/messages of spirit and art of astral traveling in dreams.  


Regardless of traditions, religion or culture, we all evolve through the same stages of consciousness.  Hence also experience the same challenges and obstacles at each stage.  This class reveals the universal path, the various stages and the types of practices to use as you navigate your unique journey.


Meditation is a specific process of lovingly leading your mind into a state of meditation.  For most, it's hit or miss and few can meditate for more than 10 minutes.  This class reveals the inside understandings shared by the esteemed Shaman of the Himalayas and Great Thar Desert of India.  Anyone can consistently experience deep meditation if they learn how. 

The Art of Ritual

Shamanic Yoga Sadhana


Ritual place a significant part in our spiritual connection with the Sacred Others. It engages our whole being and puts us in direct contact with soul.    These classes reveal the kinds of rituals and how to activate each part of the ritual so it has the desired effect.


This is for those who spiritual discipline is focused on developing awareness and evolving through the levels of consciousness and Soul.  It's focused on spiritual development.  It weaves together meditation, mindfulness practices, ritual, and breath practices


The initiate training is for a select few.  It's for those who are fully committed to their spiritual path and activating the potential within them.  It is not for the light hearted or the merely curious.  It's for the disciplined soul ready to experience deep inner growth and step into the potential of spirit.

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