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Initiate Training

This is a special training seldom offered and it’s for those who are passionate and committed to their Path.  It’s not for those who consider shamanism or their spiritual path a hobby or curiosity.

The core of Shamanism is developing one’s awareness which is discovering what to be aware of and how to participate with what you become aware of.  

In this is first becoming Self-Aware... understanding how the Elements, Life Essence, & Qualities of nature comprise you uniquely giving expression to your mind, perception, & life.

It’s then discovering how you (your micro-universe) fits in with the Greater Whole of Nature, its' rhythms, cycles, forces, and attributes. With this understanding, it's learning how to live in partnership within this cosmic dance being expressed within and without you... happening every second of our lives but going unnoticed by the majority.

This training guides you in learning the core principles, developing the subtle awarenesses and cultivating your skill as a conscious participant with the Play of Consciousness

You learn the Breath Techniques, Meditations, Rituals, and Cleansing Processes.

You learn natural laws of spirit and how to play with them

You gain a deeper connection with animals and the natural world

You learn healing practices, plant medicine, and energy healing

You learn how to navigate both the spiritual and physical world as one

How to step into your Elder-self now and channel it

How to access the Spirit World or Lokas (spiritual planes) and evoke Great Spirit teachers

And so much more such as what to expect as you walk your path, the common pitfalls, obstacles, and ways of overcoming them.  There's much more to one's path than learning the techniques.  There's understanding the terrain of the path and techniques of navigating its varying conditions

You're learning from a tradition that's been handed down for thousands of years and is  said to be born in the Himalayan Mountains and passed down in an oral tradition from Master to student.  These Masters have been known as the greatest Mystics in the world and follow a long line of Spiritual Masters that have given birth to many other spirit traditions.​

This training is for those ready to learn the core principles of not a tradition but of Spirit.  These principles and practices transcend culture, traditions or religion because they are not based on belief but on key laws of phsyics which are gaugeable and tangible.

This is for those who are ready to learn the practices to transform one cellular body, develop the subtle awarenesses, and cultivate a genuine ability to play and be apart of the unseen influences within all things.

Begin The Conversation

We're very selective with who we offer this training.  It requires a  level of discipline and commitment to follow through.  We're sharing time honored practices and it's important we trust you'll honor them and the process.

Begin by contacting us with the form.  State you're interested in the Shaman Initiate Training.  Share a bit of your story, why you feel this is for you, any previous training and what you hope to experience or achieve. 

We look forward to serving you. OM!

Thanks! Message sent.

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