It's stirring the remembrances of how we're part of nature and learning from the ancestral perspectives of rejoining the circle of sacred belonging

We provide the long held cultural practices such as Rites of Passage, Nature Skills, Vision Quest, Gathering around fire, giving voice to the Elders, and gathering as community to honor and celebrate the cyclic stages of life.


We provide mentoring and training for adults as they navigate their cyclic stages, greet significant life transitions, and discover how to harvest the medicine of their shadows so to mature into their unique gifts.

We provide training for guides, healers, and community facilitators.

We have a Clinic offering traditional healing.  

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30 Day



March 14th - April 11th

Join us as we shift with the seasons and harness the cyclic energy of Spring to release, renew, and align. 


This is a 30 day physical and spiritual cleanse and a reconnecting with your path


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Ayur-Shamanic Circle

3rd Saturday of each month

Join us as circle together to explore the wisdom of Shamanism, Ayurveda, and Earth Based Practices. Through storytelling, dialogue and practical applications you learn how to apply the nature based principles of Ayurveda to your life specifically.

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Clinic Days

1st & 3rd Weekends

We offer our clinic, massage and shamanic healing a couple weekends per month.  Schedule your session in advance to reserve a spot.  Whether you're wanting deep restoration or to address specific imbalances, view our clinic offerings and contact us. We're here to serve. OM!

Mentor Days

4th Weekend of each month

The original social structure was one of mentors, shaman and elders with whom we could consult with and gain a deeper perspective with navigating our life.  


Schedule your spot on the next mentor days.

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Healing Through Ritual

Dates TBA

Ritual is one of the original forms of healing.  It can be used to heal ancestral line, the land, stuck energy within you or in relationships, as well as to heal your emotional and spirit body. 

Elk Clan 

Dates TBA

Part of the men's project of providing the opportunity for men to gather, to adventure into the wild, to explore the sacred and reconnect with nature.

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NatureWise Podcast

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Explore our podcast and videos on shamanism, nature connection and restoring the cultural spokes of being part of a sacred village.

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Learning Pathway


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We're here to foster a sense of community, to empower our youth, honor our elders, and provide a tangible means of personal growth

It's becoming aware of the great cycle
and how to join the dance

Awaken the inner wisdom & Empower others to do the same


Providing hands on training in Shamanism helping you develop the awareness to access the potential within and join the conversation that's happening within every moment, with everything. OM!




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