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 An Ancestral way of navigating the inner and outer terrains of life.

In today’s world, we no longer feel the 10,000 trembling secrets at the edge of our vision…. We’ve lost the cultural lens of seeing the deeper meanings and reasons within both our struggles and dreamings… 

As a people, we’ve lost the cultural practices, support and knowledge of grief tending, healing trauma, transitioning into new life stages and navigating the uncertain terrains of life

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When we lived in an intact culture we had “initiated” mentors and elders to guide us, ask the right questions to draw out the hidden layers within our psyche and helped steward us through our grief, uncertainties as well as the dreamings wanting to be dreamt through us into the world. 

We saw our struggles and experiences  through a lens that rooted us in the deeper meanings and understandings of our unique life path.

This is a soul-centric approach that holds every experience as an embodied invitation to your unfolding soul story called your personal myth. 

Ayu-Mythic Mentoring is raising the standard of therapy and psychologists by restoring these cultural practices, mindsets, rituals, and ways of navigating our inner terrain.  Our mentors are not only certified but have navigated their own underworld and hence share from a deep well of direct experience.

Ayu-Mythic Mentoring

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Grief Tending

Ancestral ways of grief tending that supports you and helps you move through it.  Grief is entrance into the hidden layers of our inner inheritance.

Life Stage Transition

Release from the previous stage and be supported in stepping into the new horizon. Ancestral ways of releasing and carrying your gifts and new identity in the new.

Navigating Life

Gain clarity, understanding and new skills with navigating the inner and outer terrains of life.  

Heal The Past

The stories we carry shape our sense of identity, limitations, and daily experiences. Heal and decolonize your stories of past so they instead root you in the soul story you're living out in this life.



We serve from a more traditional way…  We begin with introductions.  Email us and  introduce yourself.  Share a little about you and what calls you to us.  


We’ll then schedule a short phone call to connect further and if it feels good for all, we’ll schedule our first Mentor Session.

During Sessions


We prefer these to happen outside amongst nature but may be inside or even by phone if you prefer. 

There’s a path we like to walk along the river to the lake. Nature has a way of greeting us and drawing out mythic imagery and hidden lessons. 

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