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Awakening The Sage Within

Join us on a 6 month journey of harvesting your life experiences and maturing into the unique gifts they offer you.  

Why Awaken The Sage?


Awakening The Sage Within is a shift from aging to saging. To awaken the sage we must first harvest our life’s experiences. 


We want to release and heal from the wounds we’ve collected as well as from our failed expectations and regrets in life.


By doing so we discover the gifts, strengths, and unique offerings they furnish us with.

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If we don’t do this, we carry the weight of our unharvested life with us and they insulate us from our true inheritance and gifts afforded us by the unique life path we’ve travelled. 


We can mature into a bitter old person or mature into the wisdom of our life and be able to experience the joy of being able to share it with others.

As you journey with us, you’ll learn how to extract your life “medicine” which is the unique stories, wisdom, and expression you have to bring into the world. 


You’ll learn how to ground in your medicine, to comfortably rest within yourself, and continue to mature into these gifts. 


This is a journey of being beautifully broken open into a new spaciousness and awareness of self. 

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Harvest Your Life

We do a life review and track the stories and experiences of your life thus lived and has served to mature you into who you are today. 

We harvest the "medicine" within these... i.e. the strengths, understandings, wisdoms and gifts they offer you.

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Heal The Past

Heal and transform the wounds, failed expectations, and regrets.  Release from the stories that bind you and discover the gifts they actually provided you.  

We all need to heal our relationship with the past so it doesn't prevent the potential of today.

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Mature Into Your Gifts

Learn how to step into these gifts, strengths and wisdom you hold within you.  Learn how to step into the Elder or begin maturing into Elder.  How to carry your gifts and share them in a good way and hence continue to have a sense of value with what we contribute. 

Hacking The Aging Code.   We'll also explore and meet head on the social stigma of aging and the common beliefs, stereotypes, and images the media projects onto us and how to break free from the limited conditioning that aging is a slow deterioration of health, vitality, usefulness and value.


We’ll offer you a new perspective with ancient wisdom that will empower you to mature into your sense of self and the unique gifts you have to share.

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Inspired Online Platform

Our inspired platform provides a sacred place to review the videos, articles, and instructions for each stage of harvesting your life and maturing into your gifts.

Provides a community space to read others' stories, post questions, get mentoring and share your own revelations.

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Traditional Mentoring

Experience NatureWise mentoring where we draw out the deeper meanings and often invisible threads of our personal narratives that cradle us in our re-enforcing beliefs and patterns

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Virtual Council Fires

Twice a month we gather around the VIRTUAL Council Fire (Zoom) where through storytelling, ritual, and artful inquiry we draw out the lessons and discover new textual layers of our journey.

Get live mentoring, listen into other's stories, and share your own as we journey together

Honoring with Seasonal Influences

Traditionally, the time between the Autumn and Spring Equinox is known as the Season of Shadows.  We join nature in withdrawing into ourselves, reflecting, harvesting, and discovering the hidden gifts within the stories of our life.

After the winter solstice as the sun grows into the spring we move our focus to mature into the new awarenesses, strengths and vision now afforded us from our shadow walk. 


Hence we'll be drawing upon these cyclic influences and honoring their cyclic significance.


The Flow


We begin with learning how to greet our shadows, wounds, failed expectations and regrets WITHOUT collapsing into their emotional content. 

You then learn how to see these through new eyes to heal, extract their "medicine" and adopt a new narrative that embodies it.


We’ll explore inspired content from both modern leaders and ancient wisdom keepers as you're guided through a specific journey aligned with the seasonal energies.


We'll reveal how to bring these new understandings into our own story/life. 

You’ll be offered guided “invitations” or homework that’ll lead you into contemplative explorations and ways of drawing out your unique “medicine” story. 

Harvesting Your Life

  • Learn to see your life story through the lens of myth and archetypal energies

  • Discover how to harvest the hidden “medicine” (gifts/teachings/strengths) you’ve acquired

  • How to heal and release from collected wounds, failed expectations and regrets

  • How to integrate those gifts and confidently walk in the world with them

  • How to continue to mature into your “medicine” and carry it in a sacred way

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PLUS you’re supported throughout the entire journey.  If you have questions, blocks or wounds you want help moving through, reach out to Chivito. We’re here for you.

You Will:

  • Release from limiting patterns and mindsets of wounds, regrets and failed expectations

  • Address the limiting beliefs and social conditioning of aging

  • Explore what legacy you want to leave

  • Harvest your life’s experiences and the strengths, incites, and gifts they’re inviting you to mature into

  • How to step into and live from those gifts and strengths

  • How to share your medicine and vision of the world


If you're interested, watch the introductory video to meet your guide and learn the deeper layers and details of what this journey entails. 

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Two Private Sessions a month

We'll schedule these out two weeks apart.  Plus you'll have access to me by phone or message anytime.

Council Fires

Virtual Council Fires (Zoom) will be 4th Tuesday of each month.  

6pm to 8pm PST 


Sept 21st (Fall Equinox)

Oct 19th

Nov 16th

Dec 21st (Optional Council)

Jan 18th

Feb 15th

March 15th (Spring Equinox)


$1800 OR

$300/month for 6 months

Other monthly plans are available



Some Scholarships are available. Use the form below to inquire., share your situation and why you'd like to attend.

Join us for a free Live Introductory Council to learn more, meet your guide and ask any questions.

No Intro Class at this time

This is an Invite Only Offering

If you'd like to be considered for this journey please use the form to share why this resonates, what you'd like to get from this, and ask any questions you may have. 

We'll then schedule a FREE 15 minute phone interview to connect with you, share further details and answer any questions you may have.  We do this to ensure we're creating sacred and safe space for everyone participating and ensure we'll be able to support you with your goals.

We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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