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Shamanic Nature Meditation

A Day of nature connection, meditation & ritual

This is part of The Sacred Path Project providing community opportunities to participate in soulful routines and nature connection.  It’s a chance to restore, replenish and deepen your connection and Spirit practice.


All levels are welcome and will greatly benefit

This class is for those who want to develop nature based meditation practices.  It’s learning how to engage the senses, mind, and “presence” so to ground in a deep meditation experience without having to sit in forced attention.  It's for those who want to have a deeper sacred connection with the trees, plants and animals and experience their link in the great web of life.

Journey into the forest and bathe your senses in the sounds, colors, and subtle nuances of wild. Tap into the deep presence of the trees, the unspoken stillness in the spaces in between and the sweet silence of the Earth. Here in the forest is an invitation into a deeper way of “being.”


The standard meditation practices offered today have a huge gap in them.  Few people can meditate on a regular basis and even fewer can meditate more than 10 minutes. Why is this? Meditation wasn’t born in a serene and placid room.  It derived from being in nature and learning how to engage the senses so to draw you deeper within yourself and merge with your surroundings. 


You will learn a specific mindful movement technique that expands and grounds your sense of being as you move amongst ancient ferns and grandmother trees.  You’ll learn how to engage your senses so to draw you into deeper states of presence.  You will learn the art of micro rituals to amplify the sacred and root you in an expanded sense of connection.  

Meditation isn’t something that just happens. It’s a way of lovingly leading your mind and senses through specific stages that guide you into a deep state of meditation.  





Seattle/Tacoma: June 2nd

Portland: June 9th

9am to 1pm (4 hours)


Portland: Salmon River at Welches OR, Lacamas Park or Oxbow.  We'll share details during your phone interview

Seattle/Tacoma: Point Defiance Park in Tacoma WA or Carbon River Park Entrance



How To Join Us


This is an invite only class.  To join us, fill out the form and in SUBJECT line put "Nature & Meditation" as we have multiple offering scheduled at present.  Please share WHY you'd like to join us.  We'll then schedule a FREE 10-15 Minute phone interview to connect with you, give further details, answer questions and ensure your physical able and a good fit. 

We do this to honor the traditional way of inviting others into the journey and establishing safe & sacred space for all.

This is an invitation only journey.  Much Gratitude

Thanks! Message sent.

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