Thai Massage

Experience The Magical Healing Art of Thailand

Thai Style Massage   (nuat phaen thai)


Thai massage is an ancient healing discipline that derives from the physician of the Buddha, Dr Shivago.  He was a master healer disciplined in Ayurvedic Medicine, Acupressure, and Yoga Therapy.  Thai Massage weaves these together and provides a sacred and powerfully effective healing.

The recipient lies on a special mat on the floor and is fully clothed.  The practitioner uses light to medium pressure to activate specific energy points and lines (sen lines) in your body.  You’ll be adjusted into various restorative yoga-like positions on the mat that enables the body to naturally open.  The practitioner applies rhythmic pressing, stretching and massaging of the limbs.  It’s a deeply restorative and rejuvenating massage that leaves you feeling re-aligned within your body and fully rejuvenated.

Approximately 2hours



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