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Awakening The Sage Within

Crone, Elder, Sage...
You're being invited in

The wisdom we seek comes from the rich experiences we lived. Now's the time we harvest them.

Old Proverb States

"White Hair

Doesn’t Make an Elder"

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This is a form of traditional rites of passage that helps you transition into the next stage of life where you release the old stories and become rooted in

your embodied self

When we step through that invisible threshold into the second stage of life we either begin to grow older and more irrelevant or we can bloom into the greater relevancy and wisdom our unique life path has afforded us.

This is a special moment where you gain entrance into the deeper meanings and powers your life path has been waiting to gift you.


The danger here is, we have a growing population of people growing older, becoming elderly and less irrelevant  and few who are actual elders.


There's a calling we feel in our bones to shift from needing to will life to happen to a felt sense of wanting to deepen into a life of connection, meaning and relationship... You're less tolerant of superficial layers of life and crave authenticity and depth.

But because you have loved you have experienced loss and grief...


Because you have dreamed you have collected failed expectations...


Because you are unique in your spirit you have shame for not measuring up to the conformed images projected onto us of how we're supposed to be or where we're supposed to be in life.

And so we've become severed from our embodied self we now feel is calling us back home within ourself.

The Indigenous understanding is we each come into the world with a song and you are that song.


It was once known it's through our trials, wounds, and life's misdirections we're initiated into the unique strengths and gifts we have to carry into the world.

This is a moment of de-colonizing our stories from shame or guilt and reclaiming them from an indigenous and ancestral perspective that reveals the "medicine" your life has uniquely afforded you.  It's reclaiming your stories and the unique gifts you possess.

Woman with Gray Hair

"Those who grow old without learning the story that is trying to live through them don’t become old enough to serve the dream of life."

~Michael Meade

Traditionally, when we arrived at this threshold, we’d experience a kind of second birth... it's a time we'd undergo a rites of passage that initiates us into our hidden depths.  


We'd gather together around the fire with the Elders, Stories, and Rituals that awaken the beginning of our eldership… it’s awakening into our own wisdom hewn out from the many little deaths that broke us open along the way.

If we don't, we continue to be hindered by our past and imprisoned by our unhealed stories.

Why This Is Important

We have many elderly and few actual elders.  We have a population merely growing older, becoming elderly and seemingly less relevant.

It’s shown the increase in disease, illness, and chronic conditions is trailed back to the unhealed stories people carry in their bodies.

It’s said a society unravels where there’s no longer elders to serve the deeper ongoing dreamings of life.

Senior with Mask

Be part of our efforts in restoring village culture and grow into

the wisdom your life has afforded you

You’re being invited in… to circle with us so we may mature into the Crone, Elder, Sage… to make the shift from merely age-ing to blooming into the rest of your life with the ability to serve life on-going and restore the profound relevance we yet have in our community and families.

This is a deep dive into shadow work and a profound journey of healing the past and becoming embodied.

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Harvest Your Life

We do a life review and track the stories and experiences of your life thus lived and has served to mature you into who you are today. 

We harvest the "medicine" within these... i.e. the strengths, understandings, wisdoms and gifts they offer you.

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Heal The Past

Heal and transform the wounds, failed expectations, and regrets.  Release from the stories that bind you and discover the gifts they actually provided you.  

We all need to heal our relationship with the past so it doesn't prevent the potential of today.

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Mature Into Your Gifts

Learn how to step into these gifts, strengths and wisdom you hold within you.  Learn how to step into the Elder or begin maturing into Elder.  How to carry your gifts and share them in a good way and hence continue to have a sense of value with what we contribute. 

In this journey you:

  • Learn to see your life story through the lens of myth and archetypal energies

  • Discover how to harvest the hidden “medicine” (gifts/teachings/strengths) you’ve acquired

  • How to heal and release from collected wounds, failed expectations and regrets

  • How to integrate those gifts and confidently walk in the world with them

  • How to continue to mature into your “medicine” and carry it in a sacred way

What The Journey Entails and How It Flows

You have two options to join us... An online journey or join us live in Leavenworth WA

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Online Journey

Join others worldwide around the virtual council fire and be part of an incredible circle journeying together.


Portland OR

Join us at our Retreat Sanctuary just on the eastern edge of Portland OR amongst old Cedars, Redwoods and a burbling creek singing to us. 

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