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Live In Person
Awakening The Sage

Circle in the old ways that draw out the hidden learnings and felt sense of community

This is specifically designed for our Local Leavenworth and Wenatchee community to:

  1. Support you in this powerful life stage shift of healing and embodying your medicine

  2. Restore and Nourish Elders back in our communities

  3. Empower those willing and wanting to help be part of restoring village culture, be elders or support for grief tending rituals, village fire circles and inspired events.  

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There's two primary invitations for locals.

Join us in circle once a month where in the traditional ways of storytelling, ritual, song, and movement we experience community.

We restore these traditional ways that give us access to the hidden teachings in our stories. We help move our unprocessed grief, emotions, and thoughts out of our body while integrating the deeper layers of relatedness they offer us. 


We gain new eyes as we look through an ancestral and mythic lens that reveals our life as a journey of initiations, descents, and intended redirections that stewarded us and drew out hidden teachings, gifts, and understandings.

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Virtual Council Fires

In addition to the monthly live gathering, you gain access to our virtual council fires twice a month where we gather with people worldwide on the same journey. 

Online Forum & Content

You have access to a carefully crafted content that guides us step-by-step in harvesting our stories, resources for grief tending and shadow work, traditional stories and myths that draw out the deeper meanings in your own storied life.


Participate in the ongoing conversations with people around the world reflecting and tapping into their deeper layers. It's a safe, private and sacred space for us to be in meaningful conversations. 

There is something so special witnessing others heal and transform their stories… a powerful healing occurs when you are able to witness and be witnessed in your own journey.

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Added Depths

Woman at Work

Inspired Online Platform

You'll gain access to our online platform that not only provides the carefully crafted content full of inspired videos, articles and step-by-step-instructions but gives you access to the conversations and potent shares from others doing this journey with you in person and online. 

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Ayu-Mythic Mentoring

Get one-on-one mentoring via phone, video or in person twice a month as well as anytime you need.


Experience Ayu-Mythic mentoring where we draw out the deeper meanings and often invisible threads of our personal narratives that cradle us in our re-enforcing beliefs and patterns

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Special Guests

We'll invite in special Elders who've walked this path before you, local Wisdom Keepers, and Medicine People.

From them you'll get to hear their "Medicine" stories, tap into their wisdom and experience the gifts others have to bring into the circle.  

Here you experience Restoring Village Culture and the beauty of bringing people together to share.

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Two Private Sessions a month

We'll schedule these out two weeks apart.  Plus you'll have access to me by phone or message anytime.

Gather Twice a Month in Leavenworth Wa

10am to 5:00pm PST 

You're invited to join us for dinner that evening at a local establishment... we go deep in day, and merry making in the evening. 

(Location to be announced... Confirming with Sleeping Lady Resort)


Sept 24th (Fall Equinox Ritual)

Oct 8th and 22nd

Nov 5th and 19th

Dec 3rd and 17th 

Jan 7th and 21st

Feb 4th and 18th

March 4th and 18th 

(Spring Equinox Completion Ritual)


$2000 OR

$333/month for 6 months

Other monthly plans are available



Some Scholarships are available. Use the form below to inquire., share your situation and why you'd like to attend.

If you're interested, watch the introductory video to meet your guide and learn the deeper layers and details of what this journey entails. 

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Two Levels of Mentorship

The journey includes two levels of mentorship to tailor the journey to you, your life and location.


The Roots & Bones Mentorship gives you access to Chivito via our online platform where you can message him directly and get tailored guidance. 

Raven's Beak Mentorship is for those wanting to go deeper, draw out hidden layers, and have a weekly time to anchor in with Chivito.  Includes 2 scheduled mentor sessions/month by phone or in-person.


Council Fires

Virtual Council Fires (Zoom) will be 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month.  

90 min Virtual council fires start at either

11am or 6pm PST (choose the time that suits you) 


Live Gatherings are

from 10am to 4pm



4th & 18th Virtual Councils

22nd Live Gathering


1st & 15th Virtual Councils

26th Live Gathering


6th & 20th Virtual Councils

10th Live Gathering


3rd & 17th Virtual Councils

28th Live Gathering


7th & 21st Virtual Councils

25th Live Gathering


7th & 21st Virtual Councils

25th (Spring Equinox) Live Gathering

Investment Options:


Roots & Bones Level

$1200 OR

$200/month for 6 months

Raven's Beak Level

$1800 OR

$300/month for 6 months

Other monthly plans are available


Scholarships are available. Use the form below to inquire., share your situation and why you'd like to attend.... Are intention is to support our local community and help restore Elders within our communities.

Watch the recording of an Introductory Council Fire to learn more, meet your guide and feel into the journey

This is an Invite Only Offering

If you'd like to be considered for this journey please use the form to share why this resonates, what you'd like to get from this, and ask any questions you may have. 

We'll then schedule a FREE 15 minute phone interview to connect with you, share further details and answer any questions you may have.  We do this to ensure we're creating sacred and safe space for everyone participating and ensure we'll be able to support you with your goals.

We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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