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White Serpent Initiation

Untether the deeper dreamings calling to be dreamt through you this year

Join us for the first fire gathering of 2023
Sunday Jan 1st,
4pm ~ 6:30pm

This is an interactive soul tending event with humor and storytelling that initiates us into the deeper intentions that are ready to take hold inside and bloom through us

Winter is the time for storytellingIt’s for gathering around the fire in an ancestral way that Mother Night wraps us in her raven feathered cloak sooted in dream dust.

Story, told at just the right time and in just a particular way has the power to initiate us.  The old fables, fairy tales, and myth stories were a way of passing on hidden knowledge.  It's said before they were stories, they were first a ritual people enacted to awaken the deep soul and access the dreamings readied to be dreamt and bloom through you. 

Story enters us, speaks to a deeper part of us and through the imagery, symbols and mythic themse we awaken and cut the invisible threads that bind us.

Initiation means new beginning.  As a verb, to initiate, means to begin. That’s a powerful distinction.

The White Serpent Initiation is a powerful experience and perfect for stepping into the new year.

This virtual fireside gathering weaves together storytelling, ritual, humor and soulful reflections. Woven together, we step into the more wild interiors of soul where you’re re-greeted with hidden powers that have been available to you all along.

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At the same time, we cut through the invisible chains that have bound us… we break the spells that have veiled our sight.

The White Serpent is a story that’s long of tooth meaning it’s been steeped through the ages and has just the right amount of soot, bone and fur for us who gather around the first fire of 2023

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Here's a few of the gifts and invitations the experience may conjure for us.

Instead of setting new year intentions and goals, this story will bring you into direct contact with what’s wanting to be dreamt through you.  We cut through our conditioned response of what we think we want or should want and arrive in a deeper place calling within us.   We make the shift from our conditioned dreaming to now being dreamt into life. 


Now that’s initiation!

There’s something inviting you in.  What powers, personal sovereignty or dreamings have you unknowingly abandoned that you can now make a home for again inside you?


Do you erect a castle or a stick dwelling in the forest?  What’s the difference and how might you go about it?

What really binds us is invisible to us.  We may or may not see the patterns or beliefs we hold. What we DON'T see is the thread to snip and clasp hold of to unravel their power over us.


You’ll gain sight of your own invisible threads and with ritualized finesse unravel their power.  Then, seated next to Spider Woman at her loom, you may sing into the dreaming threads and witness what new form and beauty this year has in waiting for you.

The How

Below you can RSVP your place beside the virtual fire.  We gather on New Year’s Day at the Hour of The Wolf… that is just after Dusk, the time when shapeshifting and magic occurs. From 4pm to approximately 6:30pm.

We begin with a kind of ritual that brings us closer in to the heart of the dreamings ready to speak to us. We court the dreamings into the circle. 


We do an initial telling of the story, The White Serpent, which is a short story.  We then reflect on the story in three parts.

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We roll up our sleeves, and we enter the myth worlds of the story, drawing out the hidden layers and magical meanings… the questions and reflections they stir within our soul memory.


We dialogue and reflect together on what they draw out of each us.  This is a magical part of the experience.  Our dialogue and group shares hold secret teachings and potent reflections.  Sacred medicine.

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After each reflection, we take a quick pause, step away from our screens, step outside into the crisp air of the new year, and lay some offering on the fecund earth.

These kind of experiences can’t just be dialogue.  We put them to action and that’s what “initiates”… that is.. to begin that which is ready to take hold and dream through you.

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We close our fire circle with joyous and humorous clamoring, we raise our glasses celebrate our initiation. We part with renewed dreamings and spirit in our step.

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Here's an example story of how story enters you, awakens hidden layers and informs you where to lean in.

RSVP Your Place Beside The Virtual Fire

Sunday, Jan 1st 2023


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

If for any reason you were unsatisfed or didn't meet your expectations, please let us know and we'll refund your investment.  We're here to be of serveice.  OM! 

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About Your Guide

Chivito Cowa

Chivito draws from a rich background of following a traditional learning trail, seeking out the elders and undergoing the intense rites of passage and initiations to gain an intimate relationship with the inner terrain we navigate. 

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