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Wild Shaman Foundations

Old World Path To Sacred Belonging

Please Note: This is not training to become a shaman. It provides the foundations of walking and navigating your spirit walk from a time honored tradition. 

This is an invitation to be part of a four month journey in the old ways of learning where we apprentice to Spirit herself via deep nature connection. 


Through direct experience awaken the principles, understandings, and awarenesses first hand.

Learn in a traditional way called Wild Land Dreaming and experience what it is to be dreamt by the land itself.

Learn the foundational mindsets & principles then go into nature to experience them first hand.  Shamanism is learnt from intimate nature connection. It's meant to be learnt from the raw elements of fire and river, of mountain and sky. It's learnt from direct contact with the animals, plants, land and spirits.


Hence we go to them. You learn the old ways of greeting, being part of the conversation and apprenticing to them.  

Here you learn in a traditional way and through cultural etiquette have an authentic experience of awakening the knowledge within you.

Flow of Program:


It’s offered as an experiential learning process.  Through videos, audios and articles you’ll gain the core knowledge base.


Then you'll be invited to journey into nature to experience the principles first hand.

We’ll gather around the virtual fireside (zoom) twice a month to pool our learnings and experiences together and hence be part of a more traditional collaborative learning.

You'll have one-on-one mentorship throughout the journey to help you dial in and tailor the journey to your passions and intentions.