Wild Shaman Immersion

Old World Path To Sacred Belonging

Please Note: This is not training to become a shaman. It provides the foundations of walking and navigating your spirit walk from a time honored tradition. 

This is an invitation to be part of a five month journey in the old ways of learning where we apprentice to Spirit herself via deep nature connection. 


Through direct experience awaken the principles, understandings, and awarenesses first hand.

  • Navigation

    Learn skills and tools to navigate your inner and outer landscapes, stay grounded and protected, shift inner states, and maintain balance as you shift between worlds/states.

  • Ritual

    Learn specific rituals and how to create your own for a wide variety of purposes. Learn the ancient understandings that activate rituals

  • Skills & Tools

    Craft your own tools such a Medicine Drum and gain skills with plants, shifting states, & shamanic journeying. 

  • Cultural Learning

    Experience Cultural restoration that weaves together the cultural ways of learning, gathering & honoring. It's restoring the way of the village.

  • Nature

    You  learn how to apprentice to nature and cultivate your own relationships therein.  Experience the traditional ways of learning.

Learn in a traditional way called Wild Land Dreaming and experience what it is to be dreamt by the land itself.

One weekend a month join us at our primitive camp at the base of Mt Hood. Shamanism is learnt from intimate nature connection. It's meant to be learnt from the raw elements of fire and river of mountain and sky. It's learnt from direct contact with the animals, plants, land and spirits.


Hence we go to them. You learn the old ways of greeting, being part of the conversation and apprenticing to them.  

Here you learn in a traditional way and through cultural etiquette have an authentic experience of awakening the knowledge within you.

For one weekend a month we ask you to consider trading comfort for wildness and be part of the wakefulness of the forest

Gather by the fire brought to life by primitive methods & ritual.


 Enter the dreamscape of the land  and animals as you sleep beneath the canopy of trees, stars and moon at the feet of primordial mountain.


Rise to greet the sun in the old way that elicits our praise for life as we take our place in the sacred hoop of life


Learn how to listen so the old stories, wisdom and practices come to you.

Out here it's the old bones of the mountain as teacher, the swift flight of raven overhead as our guide. Out here we're on ancestor time.

Learning The Unteachable

The original understanding is Shamanism isn't something that can be taught. 


The unteachable learnings are those wisdom, knowledge, and stories that become available to you by walking the journey. They’re hidden in the way we tend to fire, or what becomes known to you as you track wolf or bear, or through the relationship you cultivate with sword fern or the nuances of  the sun breaking open into the day. 


There are some learnings that will only ever be known to you and the mountain... to you and fox. 


We’re not here to teach you, but to provide you the old ways of connecting and sharing the right etiquette so the unteachable becomes known to you and hence becomes your own.

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    Ritual & Ceremony

    Ritual is an essential part of Shamanism. Its in how we greet and enter the forest, in how we gather, in how we gain entrance to the conversations with spirit, in healing...

  • Fire Tender

    The role of being a fire tender offers learnings within learnings. These are the unteachable learnings that awaken greater awareness with walking your path and being in the world.

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    Medicine Drum & Tools

    Birth your own medicine drum guided by a local elder. Craft your own Shamanic tools from the wild in a sacred way and learn how to activate and use them.

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    Totemism & Animism

    Come out to where Totemism & Animsim come alive and you experience it first hand. Discover how to shapeshift and truly learn, channel... 

  • Way of Council

    There is a way of listening, speaking, and being in council.  The learnings here reveal how to enter the deeper conversations with spirit, access greater levels of learning, and develop profound relationships both in life and with spirits, animals, plants land...

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    Shamanic Sadhana

    Sadhana is spiritual discipline and practices. You'll learn simple practices you can cultivate on your own from which you'll experience immediate results.

We’re inviting people to join our sense of play, reverence, and deep mythic connection to nature. It’s a remembering, a healing, an ecstatic way of being in the world as we heal the wounded threads of life tapestry.


It’s inviting you into the story.. the drum and song and ritual… it’s inviting you to gather around the fire and apprentice to the trees, rivers, animals and fire itself. It’s returning to a mythic mind and honoring how we’re part of nature.

Every part of this journey serves to help you cultivate your gifts, awarenesses, skills, and understandings of living in the world in a wakeful and dynamic way where you are part of the conversations with spirit.  You'll have the tools and knowing to engage with spirit and the influential energies affecting us cyclically. 

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Enroll By April 18th


May 8, 9, 10

June 5,6,7

July 10, 11,12

July 31, Aug 1,2 

Sept 11,12,13


Primarily at our base camp just outside of Welches OR.






We begin Friday night with a council fire at 6pm

Saturday start at 9:30am

Sunday we'll wrap up with parting ritual by 4pm.

What You Need

This is a primitive camp base. You'll be camping Friday and Saturday night. Bring tent, sleeping bag, food/snacks, day pack, water bottle.  We'll provide a more detail list once enrolled.

Only 8 Spots Available

To honor the impact on land and be able to enter the forest with greater intimacy, we keep the groups small.  

How To Join

If you're curious, have questions or are eager to join please fill out the form and share:

  1. Why this resonates

  2. What you hope to learn and/or experience

  3. Any background in nature training or shamanism you have

  4. Ask questions.

We'll then schedule a 30 minute interview to answer your questions, give further details and if all resonates will offer you an invitation to join.

This is an invite only offering. We do this to create a safe and inspired space for experiencing in the old ways.


Providing hands on training in Shamanism helping you develop the awareness to access the potential within and join the conversation that's happening within every moment, with everything. OM!





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