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The Youth Rites of Passage program gives them the tools to manage their emotions, train their minds, and gain greater control of their emotions, impulses, and desires.  

NOTE: This is NOT a Wilderness Therapy Program for at risk youth.  It is for youth who want to gain these skills, go through their rites of passage, and discover Shamanism.  For Wilderness Therapy we recommend RedCliff Ascent

We create a safe space for youth to venture into nature, to be physically and mentally challenged as they gain tools to manage their mind and emotions.  They learn nature and shamanic skills to give them greater balance, purpose and vision in their life.  

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About The Youth Rites of Passage

We work in small groups of 6 to 8 students.

Training is an integration of training the mind to have great control of self along with the seven teachings of grandfather which instills core values such as honesty, hard work, courage, compassion...  

Coupled with the training above, the students learn basic wildy skills such as how to make fire with a bow drill, how to identify plants, and navigate safely in the wilderness.

Also they learn basic practices such how to be mindful of their emotions and thoughts, how to integrate rituals to ground them, heal, and stay focus on their vision of lfe.

They learn basic meditation and Qi Gong enabling them to cultivate discipiine and focus

We provide a structured program for youth to go through specific rites of passage where they come into direct contact with themselves, their emotions and impulses and gain the tools to manage them and be more effective in life.

We help them discover their vision, identify how to live out their vision,  and how to overcome obstacles.  They learn core values and we challenge them to apply these in there everyday life so the training is practical and useful for them specifically.

We're scheduling our fall classes for in the Pacific Northwest area and will post them soon!

If interested, please fill out the comment box below letting us know you're curious and interested.

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