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The 30 Day

Mind Cleanse

Only $24.95

Enrollment Opens Soon

30 Days to a happier, more relaxed and focused mind

One of the primary differences between us and the animals is our mind.  Unfortunately, we tend to use the mind against ourselves....


Learn how to have greater control of your mental space, emotional well being, & harness your mental potential

The Holidays can be a tough time for many.  There’s extra stress, emotions, obligations and running about. 

It's often a time of grief and seasonal depression.


Plus the long dark and rainy days have a dramatic pull on most people affecting our mental-emotional well being.

Help Yourself stay mentally and emotionally balanced through the Holiday Seasons with the 30 day Mind Cleanse!

What you learn here will help you throughout your life.  


During the cleanse you’re provided ways throughout the day to release the mind and bathe it with nourishing sounds, images, and mental patterns that re-energize the mind and gives you greater focus and clarity.


You learn how to have greater control of your emotions, thoughts, and impulses so you’re able to lead rather than be at their whim.

"Since doing The Mind Detox I've noticed significant changes in my relationships, my sense of self and even my health. I feel more connected and at ease with life.  I'll use what I learned here my whole life! Thank you so much!"

Lola, Austin TX

What’s It Entails


The 30 Day Mind Cleanse is designed to be super simple so anyone, regardless of schedule or lifestyle, can do it and experience the profound effects of it.


And what’s more, the course is yours! You can do it as many times as you want and access it at anytime.


You receive daily incites, short videos, Guided Meditations & Visuals that relax the mind and guides you into a state of clarity and focus.  


You become aware of the unseen mental patterns you're most likely using right now and shown new patterns and ways to harness your mind to work in your favor!

The 30 day Mind Cleanse is another one of our introductory offerings so everyone has access to these skills and training!

"The Mind Cleanse has helped me take control of my emotions and mental state.  I didn't realize how much I was giving my power away.  It feels so liberating to have a sense of control and no longer be the victim of my own mental-emotional state.  Do yourself a favor and do the Mind Cleanse!"

Jasmine, Seattle WA

How it works

Enroll in the course below.

You'll receive your login and gain instant access.

Begin right away or START IT AT ANYTIME you choose.


Begins with a short intro module explaining details.

The course then guides you day-by-day over the next 30 days with cleansing your mind and helping maintain mental and emotional balance.

Throughout each day you're provided specific reminders for on your phone​. These provide a nourishing collage of Sounds, Visuals, Breathing, and Focuses to bathe the mind and re-train the automated mental patterns to be ones that serve you, help you stay focus, control your mental-emotional states and put you in the driver seat of your mind.

After the 30 days, you can access the course at anytime!

100% Money Back Guarantee

No matter the reason, let us know within  30 days and we'll provide a full refund!

Only $24.95

Enrollment Opens Soon


Want to do the 30 Day Mind Cleanse with a group of Friends or Colleagues?

We can setup it up so you all start at the same time.  We can also schedule special conference calls or live sessions to guide you as a group!

Do you want to offer The 30 Day Mind Cleanse in your Yoga Studio or private groups?

Contact us and ask for details. 

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