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About Your Guide

Chivito Cowa (Chee-Vee-Toe, Co-Wa) aka Little Goat Crow was initiated by his teachers into a long standing shamanic-tantra lineage found in India, Nepal, Tibet, & Thailand.  Over a 6 year immersive journey with them he underwent intensive rites of passage and initiations,  meditation for 12 hours a day, and long periods of silence.  They asked Chivito to return to translate and share with the Western world. He's now been guiding others for over 16 years.

"When we approach life not as an adversary, not as something to conquer or fix but as an exquisite holy thing with rich textual depths, we move into a relational way of experiencing life’s challenges, joys, wounds, and lessons."


Chivito learned mentoring and therapy through traditional mediums.  He travelled and sought out the cultural and traditional ways of mentoring, healing, and navigating the mythic layers of mind and experienced them first hand through vision question, rites of passage and initiations. 

He saw error in labeling conditions and treating a label as done in modern therapy.  He sought out the traditional ways that recognize it’s not about fixing someone but rather assisting one in discovering the deeper and mythic meanings of one’s experience, to help cultivate resiliency and instead of manipulating or suppressing symptoms to lovingly lead the mind and heart into alignment with who they are and where they are in life… in this moment.


Chivito has been guiding individuals and groups through their inner landscape for over 16 years.  He’s also a professional wilderness guide and lead youth & adults through wilderness rites of passage, Vision Quest, teaching primitive skills and navigating the inner landscape of soul. 


He’s a certified Ayurveda Practitioner with a trained focus in Eastern & Depth Psychology, Rites of Passage facilitation, and traditional mentoring. 

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