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Shamanic Spirit Camp

Experience a week immersed in wilderness & Spirit

There's a realigning of spirit when you come into nature... a re-wilding of spirit living in a primitive shamanic camp...


When you participate in a lifestyle where you're reliant on nature to provide, you experience a deep sense of connection.

You experience a sense of coming home and a deep sense of belonging with the Sacred.  Here you experience you've been connect all along and the only illusion has been of separation. 

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Dedicate a week to nourishing Soul... of living in a shamanic wilderness camp dedicated for the Spiritual practice of ceremonies, mediation, mindful movement through the forest, connecting with the Spirit Relatives of land and forest and experiencing the Shamanic Rites of grounding in your Aligned Self. 

During your retreat, everything is designed to invite you into a deeper state of presence... a state of connection, awareness, and ability to harness Spirit. 

A daily routine of ceremonies, preparing food via primitive methods as a form of ritual, meditation and moving through the forest in a sacred manner... all these lovingly lead your mind, heart and spirit into a deep sense of belonging and connection. 

We gather around the fire brought to life by primitive methods in the evening and share in soulful dialogue as we practice the way of council.  We create the space for us to fully arrive in our authenticity and allow spirit to speak through us and reveal the "rememberings" spirit shared with us during the day.


The How

You’ll experience the cultural ways of being part of a village including Way of The Council, daily chores such as harvesting water with ritual, primitive fire making, and cooking on an open fire.  We’ll work together as a village while honoring the sacred ways of living in relationship with the land, water, animals and what sustains us. 


Why most meditation retreat fail is because they're focused on manipulating the mind and re-conditioning it in a sterile spiritual environment.  They lack the connection and mind-culture to establish a foundational mind-space within.


We provide food of the local land such as elk & venison, duck eggs (when possible), and foraged plants such as nettle and fern heads when in season. (Vegetarian Options Available) We balance this with locally grown foods to provide a balance diet.  In short, while this is a primitive retreat, you will also eat well.

The Invisible School Method

We share in a more traditional manner.  You learn by doing and experiencing as you journey.  We weave together the lessons throughout the day so you’re learning without recognizing how much you’re learning.  While there are core skills you’ll learn such as fire by friction and shelter, most of what you learn is through storytelling, direct experience, and living the “way” while you’re here.  Instead of learning, you experience a sense of remembering.

Campfire Meal

Shamanic Rites


In addition to this, you’ll experience Shamanic Rites, rituals, and experiences that’ll ground you in your strengths, discover your “medicine” and how to carry it into the world. 

In this Retreat You’ll Learn:

  • Primitive Fire Methods using local plant material

  • Plant uses for practical uses

  • Primitive Survival Shelters

  • Basics of tracking, animal sign and bird language

  • Experience Animism in real-time

  • Ancestral Perspectives (mindsets & understandings of relating)

  • Cultural Pillars (Way of Council & Village Model)

  • Five Elements & How to influence them within and around you

  • How to bring these mindsets and strengths into your everyday modern life




July 17 - 21st 


Time & Location:
Meet in White Salmon, WA at 10am.  From here we’ll travel to our base camp about 1 hour away into the wilderness at the base of Mt Adams. 

Food,  shelter,  Rites of Passage, learning core skills through authentic primitive living experience



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How To Join:

These classes are offered by an invite only.  Please use the form to share why this class resonates and what you hope to get from it.  Introduce yourself.  We'll then schedule a FREE 15 - 30 minute interview so we may connection, share further details, and answer any questions you many have.   If it feels like a good fit, you'll receive an invite to join. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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