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Sacred Healing

Massage, Detox, Treatments

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We offer traditional treatments, massages, and healings from Ayurvedic Medicine and Shamanic Traditions.  We also provide personal programs to address specific health imbalances or to align, restore and rejuvenate. 

Massage & Traditional Offerings

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1 hour $150


Shirodhara is a very powerful Ayurvedic treatment that releases stress from the nervous system.  It facilitates the body’s own healing responses by disarming the stress response aspect of the nervous system (sympathetic) and activating the parasympathetic (healing) response. Incredible to receive... 

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$2 hours $150

Thai Massage

 The practitioner uses light to medium pressure to activate specific energy points and lines (sen lines) in your body.  You’ll be adjusted into various yoga-like positions on the mat that enables the body to naturally open.  The practitioner applies rhythmic pressing, stretching and massaging of the limbs.

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1.5 hours $150

East-West Massage

This is like a traditional western style massage but more deeply restorative and spiritually rejuvenating. It’s offered on a massage table.

Weaves together Western Techniques, Lomi Lomi, and Eastern accupressure, you'll experience a deeply restorative and healing massage.

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