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Old World Shamanism: Techniques of Ecstasy

Wild Shaman Path

This is a 5 month path offered in the old ways of learnings where we apprentice to the land, animals and spirits themselves. It's going out where the teachings come alive and awaken within you.

Please Note: this isn’t a course to become a shaman nor is it sharing Native American ceremonies. Please read below.


You can’t package “shamanism.”  It’s not something you learn in a course or a book.  It’s something that has to awaken within you through direct experience…  It's a personal journey where instead of learning, you have an experience of “remembering.” 


Hence this is a journey of cultivating your own relationships with spirit through powerful nature based experiences while learning the original ways of connecting, listening, and apprenticing to the spirits themselves.

It's a personal journey where you greet your thresholds and your innate gifts. It's an inner journey of profound growth.


We don’t call the spirits to us, we go to them and through

right etiquette we earn entrance to their realms.

If you’re ready for an authentic immersion that takes you beyond informational learning and willing to go into the wild, then please thoroughly read before applying.

Learn in a traditional way called Wild Land Dreaming where we apprentice to the land and experience what it is to be dreamt by the land itself.

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About Old World Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest spirit tradition in the world found in every culture throughout the globe. It’s woven within the old bones of every person’s ancestry. Its stories and teachings are held in the rivers and lands waiting for those who remember how to listen and give them voice once again. It has been suppressed through colonization since before the Roman Empire but continues to surface when a people are ready to remember and return to the circle of sacred belonging.

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There’s a lot of ancestral trauma and wounds within all our histories. The wounds are still fresh with our First Nation relatives and present within the land which sustains us today. Part of walking this path is being aware of the wounds and trauma and tending them with great care so we can have a safe space to “remember” and prepare the way for others to do the same.

It is said that Spirit is always speaking with us and the old ones share Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation. It’s a means of gaining access to the subtle worlds woven within this one, woven all around us, within us and offers the means to navigate these inner and outer landscapes as a conscious and awake participant.

We're all spiritual beings. All our bodies are of the Earth, Water and Star light. This wisdom and intimate way of living connected as part of Nature and Spirit is every person's birthright.

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Shamanism is a path of wild wakefulness. It's a way of being in the world where everything is alive and interacting with you. 

About The Class Flow & What To Expect


We meet at a main location in the park.  We begin with the fire ritual (where parks allow) and then journey together into the park and invite in the trees and animals to be our guide and teachers.

These classes are offered in a more traditional manner where we weave a rich tapestry of experiential learning through storytelling, sensory based games, core skills and soulful dialogue.  The shamanic and nature based spiritual wisdom is woven within our experiences so instead of being taught “information,” you have a sense of a guided remembering.


The original understanding is that all we seek is already within us and we have but to journey in the right manner so we may remember. When we do, laughter and giggles often spontaneously erupt from us. The magic is real!

Hence, we do not teach beliefs, practices or ceremonies of other cultures.  Nature based spirituality and practices are inherent within everyone one of us. We are all part of nature and when we become still… we remember.



  • 4 HOURS

  • 2pm to 6pm (during summer)

  • Investment: $48

  • Limited to 10 participants (First reserve, first serve basis)


Tacoma/Seattle Area

Point Defiance Park

Dates: TBA

Portland/Vancouer Area

Welches Salmon River

Dates: TBA

How To Join:

These classes are offered by an invite only.  Please use the form to share why this class resonates and what you hope to get from it.  Introduce yourself.  We'll then schedule a FREE 10 - 15 minute interview so we may connection, share further details, and answer any questions you many have.   If it feels like a good fit, you'll receive an invite to join. 

Thanks! Message sent.

This class is a prerequisite for our Shamanic Wilderness Scout Classes

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