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Alone, the path ahead can seem obscure or impossible.  With a guide, you're able to make the unseen seen and walk with greater clarity, confidence and direction

You'll discover a few pathways to begin your journey.  One of our values is to be Relational rather than consumer base.  What this means is we provide a more traditional means of serving.  You'll find forms throughout the page.  When you find an offering you resonate with, begin the conversation by introducing yourself and telling us more about you and why it resonates.  From here we'll schedule a session and look forward to serving you! OM!

Below are a few ways to participate and begin your journey

Introduce Yourself, Ask Questions

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Ayurveda Health Consultation  $150


As every "body" is unique with their own unique needs you can imagine the freedom you gain by learning exactly how to tailor diet, treatments, and activities to your body and mind specifically.  


This session can be used to address specific health concerns, to learn about what foods will serve you best or how you can reach specific health goals via Ayurveda.


You've probably noticed that Health isn't a "static" state but an ongoing process moment by moment.  Lets discover how to bring you into alignment and provide the frame of references so you're empowered to put your health back in your hands.


You'll get to spend 90 minutes with Chivito in person or on the phone.

The Karma Cleanse Session
Karma literally means "Action."  
We often find we experience the same challenges or experiences within our relationships, finances, health or other areas of life yet aren't able to see the exact "actions" we're taking that's creating our recurring Karma (results).
 In this sesion we'll
  1. Review a specific recurring challenge you're experiencing
  2. Identify the Types of Karma at play and how they're expressing themselves specifically
  3. Discover the beliefs and/or stories re-enforcing your current Karma (actions)
  4. Gain clarity with the experience you DO WANT in this specific situation/area
  5. Reveal the specific steps with how to create new Karma, beliefs and/or attitudes to experience the outcome you want to have.
Cost: $150
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Very Powerful Session

Introduce Yourself, Ask Questions

Thanks! Message sent.

The Aligned Self  $150


One of the most powerful and impactful sessions we offer is the Aligned Self Session.  

In this session we guide you through a very special journey and meditation that connects and grounds you in your potential state. In this state you feel your body and mind align.  From this state you experience and discover how to draw from the resources already within you and how to live from this state rather than from a contracted or limited-mind state.

If you are feeling challenged, stressed, or unclear within area of your life, you want to do this session.  You will gain a tremendous amount of clarity and tap into your intuition so you know what to do with sense of connection and confidence.


You'll get to spend 90 minutes with Chivito in person or on the phone.

Dosha Session $150

Ayurveda shares there are three specific body-mind types called Doshas.  In this session you'll discover what your unique dosha combination is and what that means for you physically, mentally-emotionally, regarding diet, relationships, and life. 

These sessions reveal a lot of the mystery about ourselves and provides us the understanding to have greater self-acceptance of ourselves, understand the why and how's of our partners, children, colleagues, or friends.  You suddenly able to see the common sense cause and effects and how to navigate to maintain balance and thrive!

Clarity Session $150

Sometimes we feel stuck or uncertain how to move forward and make the changes we want in life.  Have you ever felt there are some unseen obstacles or influences preventing you from taking the steps you want to take?  Or have you ever felt unsure what steps to take?

In this session, we'll guide you through a powerful journey where you tap into your inner wisdom and we help you draw forth greater clarity of what you want or what your vision really is without all the beliefs or stories.

You'll discover what unseen influences or blocks maybe preventing you from taking action or succeeding.

You'll gain clear action steps so you can step into your vision and know what to do.

Take advantage of this session.  It's potent, and you'll feel connected, confident and have greater clarity with how to move forward. 

To begin, introduce yourself.  

We follow a more traditional mindset of simply beginning a conversation and from this conversation allowing a path to become revealed with what the next step may be.

Fill out the form.  Introduce yourself... A few questions to consider are: Who are you, what brings you here, what are you wanting to move toward, what's a current challenge in moving toward that, how might you feel we can serve you?

Thanks! Message sent.

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