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The Karma


If you experience the same recurring challenges or life patterns then it's time for a karma cleanse.

The word Karma literally means action.  It's likely you're aware every thought, action, and feeling we have ripples out into our life and then returns to us.  Did you know the primary Karma we experience is that of our own unconscious patterns and ways of thinking?  It's from the beliefs we unknowingly have that limit our ability to see, to do, to be.  Perhaps you can see this is why we often experience the same recurring challenges in our relationships, finances, health or other areas of our life. 

Have you ever tried to make a change or follow a new routine only to find yourself back in the same patterns or experiences?  What impact does this have? 


What if you can follow through by discovering a simple technique that taps directly into your karmic pattern so the new karmic pattern automates the changes or experiences you want?

Ayurveda & Yoga share if we want to cleanse our karma then we must

  1. Make the unseen seen

  2. Shift our Identity we associate with that pattern

  3. Align new actions, patterns and beliefs aligned with right identity

If we do not, then we'll experience the same challenges and life experiences again and again. If we DO, then we automate the life experiences we want to have!

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The Karma Cleanse Session
We often find we experience the same challenges or experiences within our relationships, finances, health or other areas of life yet aren't able to see the exact "actions" we're taking that's creating our recurring Karma (results).
 In this sesion we'll
  1. Review a specific recurring challenge you're experiencing
  2. Identify the Types of Karma at play and how they're expressing themselves specifically
  3. Discover the beliefs and/or stories re-enforcing your current Karma (actions)
  4. Gain clarity with the experience you DO WANT in this specific situation/area
  5. Reveal the specific steps with how to create new Karma, beliefs and/or attitudes to experience the outcome you want to have.
Cost: $150
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Very Powerful Session

To begin, introduce yourself.  

We follow a more traditional mindset of simply beginning a conversation and from this conversation allowing a path to become revealed with what the next step may be.

Fill out the form.  Introduce yourself... A few questions to consider are: Who are you, what brings you here, what are you wanting to move toward, what's a current challenge in moving toward that, how might you feel we can serve you?

Thanks! Message sent.

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