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Level One

Shamanic Yoga & Ayurveda Apprenticeship


Path of The Master Shaman​

This experienced based training is for:

  • The sincere student of Shamanism who wants to cultivate the awareness, skills, & abilities of the shaman

  • Yoga teachers who want to evolve from an Asana facilitator into a Yoga Guide... who want to gain the awareness, knowledge and techniques of leading oneself and others into greater awareness & connection

  • Devout yoga or shamanic students who want a delineated path of practices, study, and development and are ready to experience significant gaugeable spiritual growth

  • Healers, life & health coaches, and spiritual guides who want to pull back the curtain and see the deeper cause and effects within the body, psyche, plants, foods, relationships, and the cyclic movement of nature and hence gain a heightened ability to serve others from a more expanded and knowledgeable state of awareness

This is a powerful experienced based training of Ayurveda, Eastern Shamanism, and Nature Based Awareness.  

This nine month long immersive training leads you through a powerful journey of study, aligning with the rhythms of nature within and with out you, developing your awareness of what to be aware of, and you gain competence with the skills to live in this more expanded state of awareness.


What's a Shaman

A shaman is one who lives with an understanding of the relationship between all things.  She/he becomes apart of this relationship.  With this greater understanding, she/he lives in partnership with the flowing cyclic rhythms of nature as they manifest within and without.  Through this greater understanding, the shaman more clearly sees what to do and when to do it.  From this, the shaman knows how to use plants, herbs and foods.  The shaman knows how be a healer, how to guide others, to perform rituals and live with greater connection.

It's said, Spirit is always communicating with us and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation.  Hence the Shaman becomes an interpreter of Spirit

The Five Spokes of The Shamanic Training Wheel


Shamanism isn't taught like a college course or boot camp yoga teacher training.  Shamanism is a circular form of training  weaving multiple components into a magical tapestry of experience, knowledge, skills and cultivated awareness.  You learn it by walking the path.

Below are the 5 spokes of our Shamanic Training wheel.  These are integrated within every stage and area of your training.  Our training is focused on cultivating awareness, gaining competent skills, and becoming the wisdom so it's an intuitive part of your awareness.  

You complete the training not by finishing the course, but by showing your competence to apply and be the wisdom.

1.)  Academic:  Learn the science & physics behind what you’re learning provided by the 5000 year old science of India called Ayurveda. (Ayu = life and Veda =Science/knowledge).  You’ll also learn from new modern research into the laws of physics, plants, body etc.


Everything you learn derives from this technical study and provides the base of knowledge and wisdom of the Master Shaman.  It’s what distinguishes the Master Shaman from a recreational shaman.

3.) Awareness Training:  Learn what to be aware of and cultivate your ability to perceive, understand and interact with the subtle influences & properties within everything and every moment.  You learn how to harness your 5 senses to serve you and develop senses beyond these rudimentary five.

4.) Application:   Drill, Drill, Drill!!! Learn how to apply and practice this awareness; know what to do and when to do it with foods, plant medicine, rituals, guiding others, living in rhythm with cyclic nature and so on.


2.)  Personal Alchemy:  You'll experience evolving out of your limited self and mind into a more expanded and able self called Siva (see below).  You come into direct contact with the jiva-atman (Individual spirit) & connect with the paramatman (universal soul)

5.)  Journeying: By going through a shamanic journey the Sadhaka (student) comes into direct contact with their potential, draw forth the skills and abilities you’re gaining, and ground into a more able and aware Self.

Defining The Master Shaman

Becoming Siva: The Master Shaman


From day one you'll be cultivating the three qualities/skills of the Master Shaman.  Few traditions give you a clear model of what you're training to evolve into.  

What makes one a “Master” shaman is their ability to rest in a state of awareness called Siva.  This state is composed of three specific qualities:


1:  The Observer:  Ability to see things as they are rather than distorted by the filters of duality, a current mental-emotional state, beliefs and so on.  This is the most BASIC FOUNDATIONAL awareness a Shaman must have.


2.  The Actor:  Many spirit traditions around the world share life is but a grand theatre, a Play, and we’re merely actors on its stage.  The Shaman is aware of being aware, meaning she/he is aware of playing a part on the stage, aware of what words one uses, how one is responding and interacting and overall participating moment by moment. 

3.  The Creator:  Being able to see things as they are and able to be aware of being aware on the stage, the shaman has a new sight of seeing the cause and effect of every thought, word spoken, and action.  From this sight, the shaman sees how to manifest and align the world, events, and opportunities with one’s intention.  

From day one, you will be cultivating these three abilities and will gain a level of mastery throughout your nine month shamanic journey.

There are four parts to your training

Your training is provided in four specific stages.  Each stage builds a foundation of skills, awareness and experience that enables the next foundational stage.  

1.  Stage One: Journey Into Darkness (Cleanse & Spiritual Discipline)

2.  Stage Two: Seeing Beyond The Mask of Duality

3.  Stage Three: Shamanic Powers

4.  Stage Four:  Rites Of Passage

Happy Transformations!

Part One:  Resetting to zero

The first part of your training is two powerful immersions.  First you cleanse the physical and subtle bodies and align with a sacred rhythm of living.  Here we honor the journey into darkness and take advantage of the seasonal energies of the equinox and solstice.  You release all the residue of the past year, release the emotions, mind stuff and energies no longer serving you and step into a clear and grounded state of self and body.

The second is learn the core Sadhana (spiritual discipline) so you can harness and channel your awareness and internal energies.  Learn more below.

Releasing The Darkness: Cleanse & Recalibration


You begin with a six week journey detoxing the physical, emotional, and mental bodies through a traditional Ayurveda Detox Process.  You purge all the tissues and organs within the body, releasing residue energies, emotions and toxins so you may recalibrate with your most vibrant state.


During this cleanse you ground in a daily routine of living in a sacred manner, of living in alignment with your inner rhythms, and gaining a new awareness of how to live in greater partnership with the dominant influences within and without you.

You gain a heightened awareness with your body, mind and flow of internal energy and the know how to both maintain balance and harness your potential.


Think of it as pushing the Reset Button so you’re in your most aligned self with body, mind, emotions, and awareness.

Sadhana: Spiritual Discipline


Over the next nine months you'll explore a profound spiritual discipline handed down from Himalayan Shamans who are said to be over 140 years old.

By learning where and how to focus your awareness within the breath, by learning to lovingly lead your mind and internal energy, you experience a profound shift of consciousness. 

It's through this Sadhana one grounds in this more expansive awareness, gaining the ability to see beyond the distorted veils and instead perceive the subtle properties and workings of spirit/nature at play.

Without this, the majority of your learning remains intellectual.  The Master Shaman is one who is grounded in a particular consciousness allowing one to not just perceive but experience everything is merely an extension of oneself.

From this Sadhana, you do just that!

Part Two:  Seeing Beyond The Masks of Duality

In this next part we pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what to be aware of.  You'll train your ability to perceive the qualities of nature (gunas), the specific unseen cycle everything is connected to, and the dominant energies everything is manifested from.  You'll train and practice seeing these within everything, how they interconnect, their cause and effect and how to use this awareness to live in greater partnership with life.  

It is this ability to perceive these subtle qualities that are influencing everything that gives you the ability to know what to do and when to do it whether you're guiding someone, performing a healing, choosing foods, being in a romantic relationship or what have you.  Without this awareness, you're flying blind.

Here's a basic outline of what'll we'll cover.  

 Removing The Masks of The world and seeing beyond the illusions of duality


You'll learn the 20 universal qualities of nature, how they manifest and interact within everything from plants, to emotions, to energy, to one's mind, to a relationship, to the movement of seasons and the cycles therein.   These 20 qualities provide a universal language, the Master Key  of the Shaman that enables her/him to see beyond the surface representations and illusion of duality.  It's this awareness that enables the Shaman to know more specifically what to do and when to do it within any given situation


  • Learn the 20 Gunas (qualities of nature)

  • How they interact and exist within everything

  • How to perceive and experience them

  • How to interact and know how to play with them

The Pancha Mahabhutas or Five Great Principles of Nature


The 20 gunas come together to form the five most basic building blocks of nature, aka The Five Elements.  They reveal how everything in the world organizes itself.  They reveal how everything interacts, reveals why they function as they do, and how everything relates.  In traditions worldwide, the five elements form the most basic understanding of nature. 


  • How the Gunas come together into the 5 elements

  • These reveal how the world begins to organize itself and more specifically relates, interacts, and works together

  • Suddenly the random chaotic mess of the world begin to make sense as you its order, flow, and predictable nature. 

  • How to perceive and experience them within & without

  • How to interact and play with them


 The Doshas: The Three Expressions of Consciousness

The Doshas, in their most basic and limited understanding, are defined as the three body types of Ayurveda.  They're really the three most core expressions of consciousness.  The 20 gunas form the five elements, and together they all dance together to create three distinct expressions of how consciousness manifest, dances, and plays together.

You're going to learn, experience, and cultivate a heightened ability to apply this awareness.  They reveal how everything interacts, connects, and expresses as they do.  From this you gain a heightened ability to predict outcomes, to engage with others, to identify what herbs, food, or practices will serve another or yourself, what balance will look like for other people and for yourself.  You transcend the one mold fits everyone and see how balance, enlightenment, or what-have-you will look like for different people.

  •  These provide the cosmology of every person, plant, season and so on

  • They reveal the inner workings, the why’s and hows

  • These show how the 5 elements work intimately together, what functions they perform within the body, a plant a season etc

  • From this new incite you gain a heightened ability to consistently make informed decisions within any given moment or situation whether this is food, guiding someone, teaching a yoga class, improving a relationship or deepening your relationship within the wilderness.  

  • It gives you the more specific sight with understanding the uses of plants, herbs, medicine, and healing

  • Once you can see these you enter a much more interconnected world

  • You gain a heightened ability to know what to do and when to do with regard food, rituals, spiritual practices, life style, plant medicine etc for yourself and others.  Here you gain a heightened control over your life.


 The Unseen Cycles & Dominant Qualities of Nature

Within everyone of us there is a cycle expressing through us.  We see this cycle within the season, within the rhythm of our day , our week and even within a one to three month loop. Each stage directly effects you  mentally, emotionally, and physically.  It dictates your desires, how focus you are and what you'll be focused on. It impacts your relationships, your work, and sense of self. 

You'll gain a heightened awareness of each stage as well as three dominant energies everything is being manifested from.

  • There are four dominant stages everything cycles through on an automated loop

  • Learn to perceive each stage within yourself, others, a season, etc

  • Also learn the foods, activities, environments etc that enhance or balance each quality

  • You'll discover your own cycle and chart it with the movement of the moon and seasons

  • You gain a heightened more intuitive ability to flow in rhythm and participate in the great cosmic dance.

Part Three:  Shamanic Skills, Powers & Tools


By this time you'll have gone deep within your sadhana, you'll have learned the core properties influencing the world around you, and have stepped into the state of Siva and hence being a conscious influencer of the world around and within you.

In this next part of your training you learn how to harness your power of intention, to perform specific rituals, to read the signs of spirit, connect with totem animals, spirits, and those things of the subtle world.  We'll explore astral traveling, manifesting events, and so on. 

Here you cultivate the powers of the Shaman.  These are skills you learn and will see effects of in real-time

Shamanic Powers of Intention & Presence

  •  You learn how to use intention, to activate and charge thoughts, and step into specific inner states to have your outer world align with your intention

  • It’s this ability that gives the shaman the ability to draw totem animals and other experiences to them as well as have life align and manifest around with them.

  • It’s the ability to not have life happen to you but through you

  • From day one you’ll cultivate, practice and become competent with these skills so their intuitive.

Totem Animals, Signs, and  Spirits

  •  You learn the deeper meaning and science of Totem Magic

  • How it works, why it works, and skills to participate

  •  How to read the signs all around you, what they mean, where they come from and how to use them to live in greater connection with the world around happening around you

  • How to connect and communicate with spirits, enter the spirit world, call in teachers and have your own sacred counsel to guide you

Part Four:  Rites of Passage & Initiation


Your final stage is experiences a specific journey, a rites of passage.  Through this journey you're presented challenges to bring forth all the new skills, awarenesses, and tools you've cultivated over the past year.


You then experience a powerful initiation to ground you in your new state.  The details are kept secret until you're ready for your it.

Dates and Flow

Ayurveda Cleanse and Journey Into The Darkness

Saturday Mornings 9am - Noon

September 23rd, 30th

October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Shamanic Sadhana Immersion 

Three Hour Immersions November 4th & 18th

Two Day Retreat December 9th & 10th



Through The Eyes of The Shaman

2 day Retreat: Jan 6th & 7th

9am to 5pm


Cultivating the skill of the Shaman’s eyes

3 hour Class  Jan 17th


In this 3 hour class we grounded in a special place amongst the woods.  We practice seeing these specific qualities of nature, perceiving their cause and effect happening all around us as well as within us.  


The City Shaman

3 hour Class  Jan 31st


In this field trip, together we venture through the streets of Seattle witnessing how these same properties are manifesting and interacting within the people, the city energies, the weather and so forth.  We’ll also venture into a grocery store and practice perceiving them in the vegetables and other foods there.

We'll reveal the rest of the dates during your enrollment interview.

The Basic flow is having one 12 hour weekend and one or two 3-hour trainings each month.  We're focused on cultivating awareness and skills.  It's practicing these within nature, the city, and other environments so by the end of your Apprenticeship you'll feel competent in applying all you learn.  It will be a natural and intuitive part of your awareness.

Cost: $2,997

Cooking together.... learning herbs... body cosmology, subtle channels, and so on

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