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Shamanic Yoga Sadhana

A six week journey harnessing the season of shadows

This is an Invite Only Series.... This is a practice handed down from my teachers and passed on to those who've shown commitment and dedication to their practice and honoring the lineage.

There is a specific Sadhana (spiritual practice) the great mystics of India have.  It is a simple practice utilizing the breath and a technique of where and how to focus one’s awareness within the breath to unlock specific states of consciousness.

As daylight fades more each day giving way to longer nights, our consciousness begins a specific journey as we travel through the fall and winter months.

This is a powerful shamanic journey of utilizing this cyclic movement of nature to harness our internal energy.  We take advantage of nature as it is pulling us within so we may access these sweet depths within us.

During this six week series, you’ll be guided through a specific series of meditations, asanas, and breath techniques.  In this, every movement, every breath, every movement of mind becomes an act of ritual grounding you within a powerful state of consciousness.  


What you’re doing here is learning to lovingly guide your mind into what we call the “source-point” which enables you to access a state called “Shiva”

"Shiva" is a mystical state of consciousness with three specific qualities.

  1. The Observer… The ability to see things without distortion of personal biases or social veils and hence see things as they are

  2. The Actor…  The ability to be  aware you are aware, a heightened level of participation

  3. The Creator…  The ability to intentionally manifest within each moment and hence able to intentionally create the life experiences, opportunities, and flow of life.

Each one is a specific skill you will develop throughout this six week series

This isn't knowledge you learn, it's wisdom you become

The mystics share just like you can taste the entire ocean within a single drop, by cultivating these qualities within your practice you become empowered to have them in all areas of your life. 


In this you become Shiva which is the Shaman or Mystic of the Far East.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the course.  Chivito opens the mind with his enchanting stories in India that presents such a new and refreshing perspective.  The steps are super simple and Chivito's incites really do provide that secret sauce to experiencing deep meditation." 


~ Jocelyn Australia

"Before this training I could barely meditate for more than 10 minutes.  Now I'm excited for my meditation time and can easily do so for over 45 minutes.  It has become extremely enjoyable and it has made a huge difference in my life."


~Ashley, Seattle WA

Himalayan Shaman

We begin with a simple sequence of breath, mindful movement, and rituals.  We add a new layer each week so you learn how to lovingly lead your own mind and gain experience with the specific inner terrain

This is a powerful discipline shared by himalayan masters who’ve initiated me in this Sadhana (Spiritual Discipline)  These teachers were said to be over 140 years old and yet were much stronger and agile than me.


If you’re intention with your spiritual practice is to evolve your consciousness, sharpen your awareness and expand into your potential state of being, you will gain a powerful practice to excel your growth

Other Benefits from this practice is you learn:

  • Cellular Regeneration

  • Control body temperature

  • Grounded and sharpen awareness

  • Expanded Consciousness

  • Hold space so not to take on energy from other people or spaces

  • Begin to nourish and harness kundalini so when ready may awaken

Unlike other meditation practices that leave it up to chance on whether you have a meditation experience or not, here you are learning the techniques with how to lead your mind into meditation

Regardless of your meditation experience, you'll be able to consistently enter deep states of mediation within 30 minutes or less

Curious but unsure if it's for you?  Join us for an intro class Satruday Sept 30th 9am to noon

Click Here To Learn More


Classes are Sundays 9:00am - 12:00pm


Oct      8th

Oct    15th

Oct    22nd

Oct    29th

Nov     5th

Nov   12th

Q&A follows each class if you want to learn more

Cost is $297

Any experience level welcome.  You'll be able to join us and begin learning this powerful practice from the very first class.  Each class you'll experience how it deepens, you become more aware, and sharpen your abilities.  

You'll see the immediate effects of this practice in your everyday life. OM!


Limited to 8 persons

Location is Sacred Lodge at Lake Tapps

To enroll, message us below you'd like to attend the Six Week Shamanic Sadhana.

Have questions?  use message box below.  In the subject line be sure to let us know it's about the Meditation Series

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Click Here to Learn More About Your Host, Chivito Cowa

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