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Re-Indigenize Your Heart

Restoring The Original Understandings

Elders and Wisdom Keepers of many traditions... people of all races across the world are coming together to restore our original way of being in the world... what it is to be of the Earth... an extension of nature... to live in a reciprocal relationship of flow, connection and meaning.

A Mayan Shaman shares, “The indigenous mind knows that we owe it to the Earth to become that part of the song that’s missing. The Earth wants to put the song back together.  If we can become the lost parts of the song we put the Earth back together, we put the health of the people back together.”

The Elders are sharing, we have fallen out of our story, out of the Earth’s story and we’ve forgotten how to be that part of the song that’s missing.

It's said we're in the time of breaking enchantments.  We've been in a kind of psychological prison that has long bound us based on the colonized-christian conditioning we're separate from nature... that disconnects us to the deeper movements and meanings of the cyclic rhythm of life.

Indigenous Psychology connects us to the abundance, flows and rhythms that support us to bloom the dreamings we hold within and hence be that part of the song that’s missing.

As my mentor Ben, a Hopi Elder Shared, “We are all Indigenous of Earth and we ALL hold the remembrances of these original ways in our bone memory.  

Join us around the virtual fireside as we tap into what the Brujeria of Mexico call River Beneath The River and the Old Norse call The Well of Memory and lean into what the Elders, and Wisdom Keepers of Traditions worldwide are now giving voice to.

Listen in as we explore:


  • What the Navajo call, Original Instructions giving to us by Creator and hence restore a way of living as part of the earth

  • What is it to De-colonize our minds and re-indigenize our hearts in these modern times. 

  • How can we become that part of the song that's missing

  • How to re-attune to these original ways of living that restores our deeper sense of connection, and power to bloom the dreamings we hold within. 

Join Us For This Free Special Event

Thursday, Sept 8th 6:30pm PST

This is part of our efforts of restoring village culture and the ways of living as a intact society.

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